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Charm Bracelets, Mothers, and Daughters

“During the 1950′ and 1960’s, the charm bracelet was a must-have accessory for girls.” ….it was the story of your life.  At least for a little while. My bracelet was a Christmas present in 1963. It came with one charm … Continue reading

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Everyone into the pool!

Wait a minute… there must be some mistake.  The pool is full of…. Well…. Very mature ladies…… There are 3 of us who do not have totally gray hair…. One is the instructor.  The other lady is an acquaintance  and … Continue reading

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Up in Smoke

They were perfect in every way.  So soft from many washings, full coverage including feet, and my favorite color – yellow.  That’s why the disaster that befell my favorite pair of pajamas was so devastating. One bitterly cold, wintry night, … Continue reading

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It’s never too late to improve

My husband says this all the time…. Someone asks him how he is doing…. “Well there is always room for improvement!”  he shouts back. It became sort of a joke between us for awhile until I decided to put the … Continue reading

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