The Old Brick House

When I was in high school, my friends and I used to explore old abandoned houses.

Late at night.

With flashlights.

I know it was dangerous and it was  TRESPASSING, but when you grow up out in the Middle of NoWhere, there isn’t a lot to do.

We never took anything, we never broke any windows, we just liked to look around and scare each other.  We admired the wallpaper or made fun of it.  Sometimes there would  be an old picture hanging on the wall.  I remember one house even had a perfect attendance certificate glued to the wall.

If we were brave enough, we would venture upstairs and sometimes discover critters who were not  happy to see us.   If we heard a car approaching, we would  turn off the flashlights and our hearts would pound.  We were always expecting the sheriff or the landowner to appear and discover us.  In the back of my mind was a picture of my mother with her hands on her hips glaring at me and then I would see the  Wrath of Mom coming down upon me.   Getting caught by my mom was scarier than getting caught by the sheriff.

I  found this old brick house yesterday. It’s unusual because the area around the house is still well-kept.  Everything is mowed and neat, not many weeds growing around it, just  some junk behind the house.

Anyone ready for a late night exploration?


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Welcome to Life in the 50's and 60's and beyond .... where I write about my childhood memories, music of the 60's and about life in the country. I am a mother, grandmother, farmer's wife, business owner, and retired teacher.
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14 Responses to The Old Brick House

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  3. souldipper says:

    We loved snooping through old buildings, too. I used to wish I could touch the walls and hear the story. I had to use my imagination which grew with each new item found. Funny how we never worried about running into anything that would hurt us. Curiosity never left room for consequence!


  4. Wrath of Mom at my house was worse than any other punishment –actually disappointing mom was the worst


  5. Deb Warren says:

    I felt that I had seen that home somewhere before. I especially love the old abandoned home board that I have, so many of them must have been so beautiful in their day because they still are beautiful even in decay….. Love your posts and hope you are enjoying your retirement!


  6. Deb Warren says:

    My first few years up until 2nd grade were in the old brick house just north of Linda Kear’s house. We really only lived in the bottom of the home, but stored things upstairs. It must have been a beautiful home in its day, with the beautiful staircase, a widow’s walk off the top balcony, a back stairs and servants quarters upstairs. We would only be brave enough to go upstairs when when Linda or the boys came down. There was a back room with the crank phonogragh and records that Linda and I scoped out a few times. Went back to an open house there when they were trying to sell it a year ago or so. I am intrigued with old homes, hence my couple of Pinterest boards devoted to that!! Where is the one posted?


    • There are so many beautiful old brick homes around…. they have always been my favorite. The one in the picture is just northeast of Ada on the old Lincoln Highway….I don’t remember the one near Linda but now I want to take a drive! I am sure Linda was not afraid to try anything! Also going to check out your Pinterest!


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