Sunflower House

A couple of summers ago I discovered an idea for a sunflower house.

To begin, a rototiller and able bodied operator are very helpful.

Three sides are enough, because you need to have an entrance!

A few weeks later, the sunflowers are growing, interspersed with some morning glories (for color contrast)

Keep growing! It needs to be a little taller so the grandkids can hide better!

Add a table and chairs for some fun!

Looking good! A great place for Grandma to hide on a breezy summer day.

Summer ends and frost comes and all good things come to an end.

Note:  I added some tall plastic garden stakes for the morning glories to climb.  Next time I will make it a bit wider.  When the sunflowers and the morning glories grew, they took up more space than I had anticipated making the sunflower house a little narrower than I had hoped.  It would have been nice if it were wide enough to accommodate the lawnmower. When winter came there were some very happy birds in my yard feasting on the sunflower seeds.  Next time I may plant some corn among the sunflowers  for my giant bird feeder.


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15 Responses to Sunflower House

  1. Sue A. Sanders says:

    I will be planting mine tomorrow!!!!


  2. What a delightful idea!


  3. I know this is a few years old but I am building one of these and your sunflowers look closer together than some of the other ones I have seen for a fuller effect. How far apart did you space your seeds?


    • I planted heavily, not sure the spacing, and when they came up I pulled out the smaller plants so they were about 8 inches apart. I also planted morning glories in between the sunflowers and put up support stakes so they could climb. I read where you could get the morning glories to vine over the top and make a “roof” but mine did not get that long. I suppose it depends on the growing season. The morning glories made it more colorful! Good luck. Post pictures later!


  4. Sue Sanders says:

    planning my sunflower hous
    e tonight!!!


  5. That’s a sweet idea! No grandkids yet, but I’ll definitely keep this in mind when the time comes.


  6. O how wonderful! I would have loved being a child playing there. So charming
    I loved mini- houses, forts, cubby holes to play in as a child. As an adult.
    I think I am dreaming of summers past.
    Thank you for that ~ BB


  7. This idea will be added to my list for next summer’s perfect garden. Thanks for sharing


  8. We’ve done this before and it ends up being flattened by some very acrobatic squirrels!


  9. What a great idea…We usually have to regroup on our wonderful ideas…so with your minor adjustments…it will be grand next year…How fun!~mkg


  10. Great idea! We plant sunflowers all along the side of our veg garden just for something nice to look at, but my kids would love a house.


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