Travel Theme: Spooky

I didn’t have to travel  to find my spookiest picture.  Princess Esmerelda, my black cat, whose green eyes glow in the dark, is my spooky friend.

My spooky friend…

Princess Esmerelda was adopted by my youngest daughter and appropriately was discovered on Halloween – mewing pitifully under a car parked on Tindal Street in Greenville, South Carolina.  She lived with my daughter for several years, then moved home with my daughter (spending the entire 9 hour trip crouched under the driver’s seat of the car)

She lives in our unfinished basement most of the time, spending a lot of time in the crawl space under the addition to our house.  I have never seen her asleep.  She will sit on my lap briefly, clawing and kneading me the entire time, then will suddenly jump to the floor and run to the basement.

Once in a great while she will enter the living room and seems to enjoy the Wii Fit Board.   Most of my friends have never seen her.   They look at the cat dish in the corner of the kitchen and say, “Do you REALLY have a cat?”   I have to show them pictures.

Wii fit cat


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12 Responses to Travel Theme: Spooky

  1. beebeesworld says:

    I am not sure I clicked to get your blogs by email, so I am re-trying…


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  3. What a beauty!! And this eyes~ Happy Halloween friend~

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  4. Those are some pretty magical eyes Ruth1 What a beauty she is. I love her green eyes with her shiny black fur, so pretty.
    Great Halloween post my dear friend ~


  5. marymtf says:

    I don’t know how anyone can tell about the green eyes. They’ve taken on a ‘take me to your leader’ glow. maybe that’s why your friends never see her.


  6. Of course you had me when I saw the photos of Esmerelda…and Love her name…My Jill has those sparkling green eyes too…especially when the flash hits them from the camera…She is truly a Halloween Cat…mkg


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  8. The cat on the Wii is great! Love the green eyes. 🙂


  9. Princess Esmerelda was one lucky meow to have found people to love and care for her…
    Oh what big green eyes she has…!


  10. Caddo Veil says:

    “Do you really have a cat?” That cracked me up–thanks!!!


  11. We have a cat who always disappears into the crawl spaces of our house when strangers arrive. We call him the gray ghost. More spooked than spooky. Your cat fits the holiday perfectly!


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