Am I being followed? A Mystery on One Page.

detectivejpg_2After blogging for a few months and discovering all the little idiosyncracies of WordPress and realizing I had to do MORE than just type and post, I found on my stats that I had over 200 followers.  This seemed unrealistic to me.   How would that many people even find me here, let alone decide to follow me?  After all, I was not writing great literature.

I was inwardly flattered and motivated to keep blogging, even though I was sure it was a mistake.  Is there really someone out there counting followers?

Well about a month ago, I changed my blog theme slightly and my followers were adjusted to ….85. While that deflated my ego a bit, I seriously believed that the number 85 was more realistic than over 200.   Then, several weeks ago (I think because I hadn’t really been paying attention)  my followers shot back up and now the number is 316!   How can that be?

Has anyone else had similar experiences?  fluctuations in numbers?


About Life in the 50's and beyond...

Welcome to Life in the 50's and 60's and beyond .... where I write about my childhood memories, music of the 60's and about life in the country. I am a mother, grandmother, farmer's wife, business owner, and retired teacher.
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13 Responses to Am I being followed? A Mystery on One Page.

  1. itsarealpain says:

    I haven’t noticed anything like that when I change themes. Could the other possiblity be maybe people just like what you write? I poked around a little and liked it so I’m going to follow since WordPress will put you in my reader feed that way. Nice to have made a new friend. Thank you again for your comment on my blog.


  2. I agree that “engagement” is mor important and meaningful than followers. Engagement means liking, commenting on, or sharing a post, and that makes me much happier than knowing someone clicked on it…because I don’t know whether they actually read it, liked it, etc.
    That said, I always enjoy your posts, Ruth!


  3. I see the numbers…but, I actually just count the true blog friends that answer me every now and then make a comment or two…That’s what I think is important…


  4. No ideas here. I think the jump in followers must be a nice ego boost though. Take it and run!


  5. my numbers have changed to leave out my email followers–quite upsetting if you ask me


  6. Judy says:

    Wow, I can’t imagine what the cause of that would be. I’d love to know the answer if you find it. I keep it in perspective by thinking that one could subscribe to thousands of blogs but hit “never” receive updates and they’d never read the posts. Blogging is an interesting past time and must be enjoyed for the experience because success or failure based on stats could send you over the edge.


  7. Caddo Veil says:

    First I have to tell you that I really love that image (where did you get it?)–I could have used it awhile back on my secret agent full moon poem. Second, I get almost daily fluctuations–but it’s only one or two, so I haven’t paid any mind. But I do have to check something else–because my stats graph said that Feb 7 is my highest day for readers/clicks (whatever), that it suddenly shot up to about 400, and that doesn’t make any sense at all. Although, it was a cheery thought–since the last “highest day” was back in September or something… God bless you Big–love, Caddo


  8. Not sure what happened with your numbers. I’ve had to deliberately stop looking at the stats page. It messes with my head. Besides, “Followers” always sounds to me like I’m starting a cult. It would be an awesome cult, but more work than I’m willing to put into it!


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