Daily Prompt: Childhood revisited

Since my blog deals with childhood memories, I was going to say… “Hey, just read my blog!”

But I have never written about my earliest memory.  There is not much to it except it seems extraordinary that I could remember something that happened to me when I was just about 18 months old.

I fell down the stairs.   A steep set of stairs in our old farm-house.  No carpeting on the stairs, just old wooden stairs that ended in the kitchen.  I don’t know what preceded the mishap but I am assuming my mom was in the kitchen, I quietly sneaked upstairs while she was busy, and came back down in a hurry.

I remember falling.  I wasn’t hurt.  my mom probably wouldn’t have even known it if she hadn’t been right there when it happened.   I can remember not being a bit scared until I saw my Mom running over crying and screaming. Panic set in immediately and I began to sob.   Of course, my Mom thought I was hurt and scooped me up to examine every inch of my body (especially my head)

My Mom and I discussed this event when I was in grade school.  I think I was writing a story about memories.   She was rather shocked when I retold the story and that was when I found out my age at the time.   She said,  “There is no way you could remember that!  You were just a toddler!”

But I remember.


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Welcome to Life in the 50's and 60's and beyond .... where I write about my childhood memories, music of the 60's and about life in the country. I am a mother, grandmother, farmer's wife, business owner, and retired teacher.
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18 Responses to Daily Prompt: Childhood revisited

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  2. That is an early memory. i thought I was doing good with one at age 3. I am glad you did not hurt yourself Ruth, your poor mom was no doubt more shook up than you were.

    old My memory is age 3 yrs old, my mom telling my dad they were going to have a little sister or brother for me. I can to this day see where they were sitting at the dining table, and hear them talking about wanting it to be a boy. I recall it leaving me feeling that there must be something wrong with girls then. Why would they not want another girl?

    I wanted a girl after all, I had an older brother. Funny what kids think
    . it stayed with me until some time in grade ( 5th) school when my mom and I spoke about it for some reason, and she explained to me that no body but God was able to choose whether we had a little brother or sister. I have a little brother by the way.

    I so love childhood memories. ~ Thanks for sharing and prompting.


    • Well that was a big change in your life so I understand why you remembered that moment. Isn;t it funny what we think when we are children…. that there was something wrong with girls!
      My brother was 5 years older and for a couple of years when I was about 4 or 5 I so wanted to NOT be a girl because it seemed he got to do more fun things than I did. I was sure that if I could just convince my mom and dad that I wanted to be a boy… that it could happen! They could just NOT be convinced! The age of innocence…


      • I love that we were both as young girls questioning the validity of being girls. I refuse to turn it into more than it was, children having children thoughts.
        But It makes me wonder how many of women our age felt the saw way at some point, that they were a little less than because they were born female.
        It could be an interesting survey says:….


        • ReStore Community Center says:

          Oh it would be interesting….. that is a deep subject to get into.. and you are right about making it more than it really was… we just saw advantages to being a boy and maybe not so many advantages as to being a girl….


        • Oooops! I knew this would happen.. I posted as restorecenter…..(where I am social media director) forgot to log out. It’s really me saying that!


  3. I believe it’s true that we can remember things when we are so young…I remember drinking a bottle of milk…actually it was a short COKE bottle with a nipple on it…because I would throw the bottle as soon as it was empty and break them…so Mom tried the harder thicker glass coke bottle and it worked…


  4. Caddo Veil says:

    It always fascinates me–the things we remember, and the things we can’t (or just fuzzily)! Interesting that you weren’t afraid, initially–as I’d heard that “fear of falling” was the universal, natural fear. Hmmm–I knew there was something especially unique about you!! God bless you BIG! love, Caddo


  5. WOW!! That’s incredible that you should have a memory from that age. I’m very impressed. I imagine you still have a great memory. Is that right? Mine, not so much. I’m lucky if I can remember what I ate for dinner the night before! LOL!


  6. lucewriter says:

    Ruth, I loved reading this. I think traumatic events often can be the first memory. You’ve given me the idea of posting my first memory which was standing in my crib crying because I had swallowed my barrette. Thanks for a great post!


  7. How frightening for your mother! I believe that you remember this. My husband insists he has memories as an infant.


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