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I’m certain a great deal of you were watching the Ravens and 49ers play tonight.  The Superbowl has become such an event that people tune in for the commercials as much or even more so than for the game itself.

Well this year Ram takes the cake for best commercial in my book.  Take a couple of minutes to watch in case you missed it during the game.

I remember saying “Oh, a cow.” when the ad came on.  Then the name Paul Harvey appeared on the screen.  At that point I knew what was coming next as I’ve heard him speak those words before.  My understanding is he delivered those lines in 1978 at the national FFA convention.  Two years before I was born, but all the things he describes are still true in 2013.  I can remember when I was little riding on the armrest of tractors with…

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Welcome to Life in the 50's and 60's and beyond .... where I write about my childhood memories, music of the 60's and about life in the country. I am a mother, grandmother, farmer's wife, business owner, and retired teacher.
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  1. It’s ‘almost’ too bad that this was done as a commercial for a truck. It is SO true and SO moving that it be given far more attention – there aren’t nearly enough people appreciating what farmers do. I’m going to share this (and a few words about farmers and why we depend on them) on my own blog this week!


  2. Brian says:

    Thanks for sharing my post over here. What a great ad they put on last night.


  3. so glad you shared…I only had heard a bit of this…since I didn’t watch all of the game…


  4. lucewriter says:

    This made me cry. It reminds me of my great grandfather and his farm.


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  6. I’m not a football fan so I was crafting and watching a movie. Thank you very much for sharing the Ram commercial – A+. No farmers – no food.


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