First Kiss

We were out on a date.  In my Daddy’s car.  We hadn’t driven.  Very Far.

Oh wait that was the Last Kiss.  Sorry.

Back in the 60’s there was a phrase  – “Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed.”  I don’t know when or where it came from, but as an insecure teenage girl I figured it meant if you hadn’t been kissed by the time you were 16…well. you were doomed.  An old maid.  No hope.   Your life was over.  I seriously believed that.  Especially since all of my girlfriends had been kissed and I was the only one left. Or so I thought.

My role in high school was not the “hot” cheerleader or the Homecoming Queen or Miss Popularity.   I was always the “go-between”.   Boys would talk to me.  They just wanted me to find out if so-and-so liked them and if they would go out with them. Sometimes I would deliver notes from some boy to another girl, all the while wishing that boy was interested in ME!  Even when I was 10 years old I never won the Barbie board games and got the Dream Date.  I always ended up with Poindexter.

barbie board game

Barbie Board Game

I always had a date to Homecoming but it was because of hard work and diligence and I am pretty sure I was the one doing the asking.   Junior Prom?  I went with my good friend’s cousin.   The Sadie Hawkins Dance was a relief because it was “Girls ask Guys”.

I had a crush during freshman and sophomore years that I could not get over.  It was going nowhere but I couldn’t see it.  I had already mapped out my life with this crush and in my mind it was so real.  We had dated a couple of times but I use that term loosely… neither of us had a driver’s license yet so the dates were just get-togethers at a friend’s house or a school dance after a football game.

Finally the day came where we were actually “going out” with another couple (who could drive) .  I really don’t even remember where we went or what we did but we ended up at Frog Ditch.  Frog Ditch was just what it sounded like.   A creek full of frogs on a back road.  A local Lover’s Lane. We went “parking”.

For awhile everything was fine.   We turned off the car and listened to the radio for a while.   The couple in the front seat had a little bit more “developed” relationship than my crush and I had.  single-moms-making-out-in-car

So while they were occupied, my crush and I just talked and listened to music.  I was perfectly content.  Gradually though, my crush began to shift around a bit and soon had his arm around me.  We snuggled for a while. This was all new territory to me.  I was not at all sure what to do next, if anything.   So I stared straight ahead, trying not to watch the activities of the front seat couple but not really wanting to turn and look at my crush.  I was nervous.  I was scared.  I had no clue.  Then he took his hand and turned my face toward his and it happened.   First Kiss.   The Hollies were singing “Ridin’ Around on a Carousel” .

My crush continued to snuggle and kiss, but all I could think of was….. “Thank goodness.  I have been kissed.  Check that off the list.  My life is NOT over.

Then,  it was time to head home.   You can only run the car radio for a while before the battery starts to go down….. so we all straightened ourselves up and headed toward home.  My crush walked me to the door and kissed me goodnight.

On Monday, back at school, it was like nothing had happened between us.   Things were back to the way they were.   I think that’s when I realized this relationship was going nowhere.  It was time to move on.

Just a little over a year later, I would meet the “real” crush of my life and have the first “real” kiss from the guy that I still kiss goodnight.   His name was NOT Poindexter.

Do you remember your first kiss?


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Welcome to Life in the 50's and 60's and beyond .... where I write about my childhood memories, music of the 60's and about life in the country. I am a mother, grandmother, farmer's wife, business owner, and retired teacher.
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20 Responses to First Kiss

  1. Will never forget…How could anyone!…on the front porch with parents inside…
    probably peeking…I also remember how my heart was doing flip flops…


  2. Ruth, I swear, you are like my big sister (but only by four years :-)). I, too, was everybody’s buddy and nobody’s sweetheart. I deliberately pretended to want Poindexter because he always came up for me. Sad to say, I don’t remember my first kiss, but I do remember the carousel song. … Loved your memories of this time. Isn’t it nice you didn’t have to kiss a bunch of frogs to find your prince? 🙂


  3. Kathy says:

    What a wonderful blog post! You have probably brought back lots of memories for many of us. I was kissed for the first time at age 12 or 13. A bunch of us went to Chicago and a boy pecked me on the lips. Isn’t it funny that all we could think about was THAT crossed off our list? Actually your teenage years sound strangely similar to mine.


    • LOL I wish that were the most important thing I had to worry about now! Glad to stir up your memories…
      I wish we all knew back then that we were all experiencing the same thing… we always thought we were the only one worrying about all that teenage stuff!


  4. I love the way you write about your emotions. I also find it amazing how you remember so many details!
    Sadly, your prompt just made me realize I no longer remember that first kiss (but then I wasn’t much of a romantic…)


  5. Well, that would have been THE END! Imagine thinking we were washed up at that age….


  6. Maxi says:

    This is a sweet and charming story of “back in the day.” It brings a memory of the time when I was thirteen and sitting on the roof of the carport. I was so engrossed in watching the stars I never knew that “Ronald” was there until he kissed me on the cheek.
    blessings ~ maxi

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  7. I do. I was 14 and he was a sweet boy. We dated for a while but he lived in another town so it was difficult.


  8. lucewriter says:

    Very cute and funny story. I remember my first kiss–it was in the pine woods after a snowstorm–very beautiful scene.


  9. Haha! I love the Hollies! Now when I hear that song I’ll think of you. I thought the same thing about kissing -that if I didn’t get kissed I’d be washed up. I also thought you had to be 17 to read Seventeen Magazine, so there you go. I guess I was a genius! Lol!


  10. riverman1953 says:

    You hit the jack pot on memory lane. I memorized that song in the 7th grade and sang it to the little girl sitting in front of me. She didn’t care for it but apparently the teacher did because I had to write something 500 times for not paying attention. LOL


  11. Amy Elder says:

    I do and sadly he’s passed on.


  12. I do, and like you was happy that I did not turn sixteen never having been kissed!


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