Saturday Night, Pepsi-Cola, and soda crackers

Soda crackers?  Really?  They were considered a treat?


It was 1961, and Saturday night was my favorite night of the week.   Because Sunday morning and Sunday School followed Saturday night… it was bath night.  Everyone got scrubbed from head to toe.  Then we all settled in for TV, Pepsi-Cola, and soda crackers.

My family did not watch a lot of TV during the week, but on Saturday night, we had a marathon viewing.  After supper and baths, we would settle in for Lawrence Welk.   As an 11 year old girl, I loved the Lennon Sisters who were on the show starting in 1955 for almost 13 years.

lennon sisters  After that it was Perry Mason,  Have Gun Will Travel, and Gunsmoke.  Around 8:30 PM Mom would go out to the kitchen, open the basement door and grab one bottle of Pepsi-Cola (16 ounces).   She would split it between four  Tupperware glasses, open a sleeve of soda crackers, and bring it all into the living room.  It was the only time we were allowed to eat in the living room. It was as good as caviar and champagne (which we had never tasted anyway) and it was the highlight of the week.

One carton of Pepsi-Cola (about sixty cents worth)  would last us six weeks, unless my aunt, uncle, and cousin came over.  In that case, we opened two bottles of Pepsi  and a few more soda crackers.  Sometimes my uncle would bring over a treat as well.  He was a meat cutter and had opened his own butcher shop so he often had delicacies like trail bologna, head cheese, puddin”,  tripe, or pork rinds.  Those were nights to remember!

pepsi carton

Simple times  are the times we fondly remember.  Sitting around in our pj’s with the family, rationing the crackers and Pepsi, watching TV.


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29 Responses to Saturday Night, Pepsi-Cola, and soda crackers

  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    Loved your story and recollections of good times past. Indeed, simple times were best. I recall getting a gift for like my 6th or 7th birthday – it was just the face part of my dad’s dilapidated watch. I kept it for over a decade. Just like your Pepsi and crackers, simpler times were better.


  2. Rita Kay says:

    Thanks so much for following my blog
    When I was little my grandfather would make crackers and cheese with saltines, and put butter on them. I alway thought they were the best tasting snack I ever had; I still feel that way. My grandmother use to make head cheese from a pigs head that the farmer would bring who lived down the street. I can still see in my minds eye that pigs head in a hug pan in my grandmothers mud room. ahhhhh memories…..


  3. Your posts always bring back my own memories! Sometimes when we watched TV late, we had buttered cream crackers and tea 🙂


  4. cobbies69 says:

    Sunday night was my bath night when at school,, and when in hippy days it was on solstice,, twice a year,,:) nice one..


  5. Our Saturday evenings were identical except we had Pepsi floats, we ate it in a dish and called them “brown cows”!!!!! Thank for the reminder. Sometimes I watch Lawrence Welk
    just to remember.


  6. Khristine says:

    So much like my childhood on the farm………I remember Tang and Fizzies (I think they outlawed those) and like you splitting the soda pop but only between my sister and I. We always had popcorn and except for Sat. night, it would be hot tea. We did the bath routine also, got in our jammies, which we always got new ones for Christmas each year, and settled in for Lawrence Welk. I watch the reruns now on Sat. night on PBS and enjoy reliving the memories.


  7. I love memories of simple times – we had Saturday nights like this too – shared Pop Shoppe pops, stove popped popcorn, Lawrence Welk, Hee Haw and the Irish Rovers.


  8. We had a similar tradition on Saturday nights. On really ‘special’ occasions (usually after Mom and Dad had hosted a party the week before) we’d get Ritz crackers or saltines with little pieces of cheese on top! Great memories.


  9. you remind me so much of my childhood–at our house it was coke and it was rationed almost like your pepsi–and we were never allowed to go to the fridge and just take a coke–we had to ask


  10. LB says:

    Wonderful … I can almost taste the pepsi cola and soda crackers (and I definitely Perry Mason and Gunsmoke!)


  11. Wow – memory lane. Saturday was when I got my hair curled in bobby pins for Sunday morning, and we watched Have Gun Will Travel and Gunsmoke. Apparently we didn’t have a special snack because I can’t remember one. But, your reference to headcheese made me cringe because my husband’s family from Kansas were big into that and I couldn’t stand even looking at it. 🙂


  12. lucewriter says:

    OOh, what a treat your post is! I loved this. Yes, I remember that about saltines. And you were so lucky to watch those TV shows. I had to go to bed so early I always missed the good shows. I used to crawl out in the hallway on my belly to “watch” Perry Mason.


  13. That’s such a great memory and so telling of how far we’ve come today with our consumerism and need for bigger and more. No wonder we were all thin back then — we knew how to eat proper portions! I love this post!


  14. neocup says:

    I LOVE this! “Family nights! in the 60’s!” Ours included Board games, ‘Bubbling soda water’, BATHS (before church on Sunday!), and Bedtime stories either READ or TOLD, by MOM! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Good to know we had more in common than we thought!


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