5 minute Friday: After

After I started this kitchen remodeling project, after the cupboards were torn out piece by piece, split into pieces and burned,  I felt the presence of the woman whose kitchen I had just destroyed, my mother-in-law.   Her presence was a joy in my life for a mere 25 years.  She was a perfect mother-in-law.  I moved into her house, changed a few things, but never touched the kitchen because it had been her dream kitchen when she first moved into this house.  It’s been 16 years since she passed and I finally had the courage to build my dream kitchen, but not without reservations.

Of course, the obvious, can we really afford it?  I don’t really need it.  It will be such  a mess.   But something about hanging on to the old worn cupboards, whose drawers swelled and stuck and whose hardware was falling apart and could not be replaced.  It was still her kitchen.  She would have laughed at me and said Do what you want… it’s your house now.  But I couldn’t.

I have saved a few pieces of the old birch cupboards to incorporate somehow into the new.  I think she would like that.

5 minute friday



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10 Responses to 5 minute Friday: After

  1. that is so sensitive of you to refrain from remodeling for as long as you did. so many people want to wipe away the influence of the previous person – almost like an ego-driven impulse. how sweet that you will always treasure her memory when you look at those token pieces that you incorporated into the new design.


  2. LB says:

    I love this tribute to your mother in law! I’d love to see pics of how your incorporate the old cupboards with the new kitchen. Congrats on finally getting started. I feel sure she would be happy for you, too!


    • I saved a piece of wood from the cupboard door, which is probably 6 x 12″…. if I can find a picture of my mother in law in her kitchen as Margo (see next comment) suggested, I just might get out my old decoupage tools and create something! Thanks for the comment.


  3. Judith says:

    Great post Ruth. And thanks for visiting and deciding to follow my blog.:)


  4. Perhaps you can find an old picture of her working in ‘her’ kitchen and frame and hang it in ‘your’ new one.


  5. I like the idea of keeping some of the old cupboards. Your mother in law would like that. Keep in mind, though, she had her time and now it’s your time. You feel free, Ruth. I’m sure she’d give you her blessings.:)
    Kitchen makeovers are always so satisfying.


  6. Lani says:

    I can relate to that! I have my mother-in-law’s dream kitchen, too, that is about 35+ years old. We finally painted the cupboards but they are still going to need to be replaced soon…and I cringed when we did it and hoped she wouldn’t mind. But yes, it’s still her kitchen in my mind! I hope you are blessed in every way in your new one.


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