I can’t kneel but I can underwater curtsy

I’m trying to adjust to a new knee… I really am.  But I am not liking all of the adjustments I have to make.

It’s been a little over 5 months since I had knee surgery/replacement and I am graciously thankful that the pain I dealt with for a long time is gone.   Granted, I still need to exercise daily to keep this new joint limber and working correctly, but I really needed to do that anyway.  The problem is dealing with new limitations.

Today I bought a sit-on garden cart.   It has four plastic wheels and a seat large and sturdy enough to sit upon (I hope).   When you work out in the yard and you are pulling weeds and cleaning out flower beds, you need to be down on your hands and knees.  Unfortunately that option is no longer available to me.  My surgeon/doctor advises strongly against it.   It puts too much weight and pressure on the artificial parts within, and  it doesn’t really feel good. (Yes I tried it…. I had to have proof!)

There are so many things that require me to get down on my hands and knees.   Gardening, weeding, cleaning up spills on the floor, trying to find out what I stored under the bed… the list goes on and on.   I am going to have to roll around my yard on my little garden cart and try to pull weeds, plant seeds, and pick green beans.  And then I am going to spray off my little garden cart, let it dry, and bring it in the house so I can clean up spills on the floor, wipe down my woodwork (occasionally), and maybe even peek under the bed.

The only thing that worries me, because I haven’t really tried it out yet, is the fact that my new little garden cart is only about twelve inches tall.   Seating myself  Plopping down, and I will be plopping down, on the seat may cause too much weight and pressure on the parts within (specifically the four little plastic wheels).   Equally disturbing is the thought of trying to stand up after being seated on my little cart for a while.  It’s not going to be pretty.  Graceful has never been a word used to describe me.  Or petite. Think about it.

On a positive note, I do feel quite graceful in my aquacize class three times a week.  I have even attended the water Pilates exercise a few times to strengthen my balance and my core muscles.   Despite how I might look trying to mount and dismount on my new garden cart, I look quite elegant as I delicately stand on one leg, swing the other leg out in a wide semicircle, and  do an underwater curtsy.  I seriously feel ballerina-ish.

Thank goodness there are no mirrors at the pool.

This is what I bought....

This is what I bought….

This is what I NEED...

This is what I NEED…


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23 Responses to I can’t kneel but I can underwater curtsy

  1. Judy Guion says:

    At this point in my life, I fell that getting older is inevitable, getting “OLD” is a choice. My advice is to change the way you do things – but don’t stop doing them – and just get on with LIFE. For me – after an almost-fatal car accident, breast cancer, by-pass surgery, heart attack (in that order), two caths with a total of five stents, hip replacement, cataract surgery and numerous health conditions, I figure, as long as they keep making drugs and replacement parts, I’m good to GO.I want to “wear out” not “rust out”.


  2. I need to hook you up with my mom. She loves to play in the dirt, too, and had a knee replaced last month.


  3. LB says:

    So glad you included pictures …. I was trying to use my imagination. Good luck with progress in the garden / glad the pain is gone!


  4. poppytump says:

    Limitations yes.. but sounds like you are positive in looking for a solution Ruth .
    Love the sound of your aqua exercises … underwater curtsy .. ballerina gracefulness … quite a lovely bonus 😉


  5. bronxboy55 says:

    Is there nothing on the market designed for what you need to do — something on wheels that can be adjusted up and down? Whatever it is, I hope you find it. Or maybe you need to invent it yourself. Good luck, Ruth.


  6. Well, this is just a bump in the road, Ruth. I have no doubt that those underwater curtsies will lead to bigger and better things. You can’t keep a good woman down for long, especially one who likes to garden, gets up early and arrives ahead of schedule for her social engagements. 😀


  7. Rita Kay says:

    Ruth I’m sorry to hear about your knee, I hope each day your getting better. I tore my Meniscus twice in my left knee and once in my right. After 3 surgeries my knees are still terrible. I’m trying gel shots next month. Thanks for posting all the great information on the little cart, I too will be needing one of those. My sister had to have knee replacement and she’s doing great. Thanks again for the information.


  8. I truly hope the scooter you bought will do…The other one does look sturdy…and with the tractor type seat seems like a mini tractor…
    I too, do the water aerobics 3 times a week…and just love how I can do everything in the water that I absolutely couldn’t do on land…Love it!


  9. I bought myself a similar cart a few years back and the biggest problem I have with it is that sometimes when I try to ‘scoot’ along, the wheels don’t actually move and I ‘scoot’ myself right off into the dirt (or gravel or whatever I’m ‘travelling’ on at the time). I haven’t hurt anything vital yet (except my pride); my husband tries hard not to laugh when it happens. I’d sure like something a little sturdier – I like the looks of that one (above) with the heavy duty wheels and the tractor seat; are they actually available somewhere?


  10. Sue Sanders says:

    I love your cart. I may progress from my oak children’s chair to one. I have a small chair in the garden, one in the kitchen and one in my sewing room.


  11. I hope, too, you will be zipping and zooming in no time, Ruth. If I had one of those heavy-duty things, I’d run it right over for you. I suspect the one you bought will be just fine though. Those things are really sturdy.


  12. I have both because of two herniated discs. The first one became a go cart for the grandkids. The second one cost more but it works and has a handle to help get up and down and pull it around. Sad state of affairs but it allows one to keep gardening. 🙂


  13. free penny press says:

    First, love this post title 😉
    My Mom had her knees (both) replaced and after about a year she was zipping and zooming, wishing she had done the surgery years earlier.. Just go slow and in no time you will be doing a curtsy on land !!


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