Oh yes…. I’m the Great Pretender….

Oh yes I’m the great pretender.

I have always loved to pretend, and yes, even at the rotten (not really feeling ripe anymore) old age of almost 63 I still pretend. I hope think that’s normal.  In today’s high-tech world I think it is an admirable trait to see in children.  Adults… well that’s another story I guess.

As a kid, I had a lot of time to fill.  I grew up before Little League, gymnastics, dance classes, swim teams, and other activities became the norm.    We did have a black and white TV,but I didn’t spend much time watching.   Shows for children were limited and my mother wisely turned it off and we watched mainly in the evening as a family.

I had the basic toys; I had a couple of  dolls and clothes for them. My brother and I  always had bikes and sleds and my favorite uncle bought us a pogo stick which my mother was sure would result in the loss of all of our front teeth.  I had a rope swing that hung from the tree in our yard.  I had a small plastic swimming pool in the summer that was maybe 6 inches deep. Most of the time I was outdoors  because my parents were farmers and that’s where they spent much of their time.   I walked back to the woods and to a nearby river.  When Mom and Dad were planting or harvesting, my brother and I went along and had to entertain ourselves in the middle of a soon-to-be-planted or harvested  corn or soybean field.   Most of the time I was alone, so I pretended.   I had imaginary friends that I played with and talked to much of the time.

I think that’s why I still enjoy alone time.  I never have trouble finding things to do by myself.  And I still pretend.  I really like to replay conversations I have with others that in my opinion didn’t go well.  I pretend I say all those things I shouldn’t say but really want to.  I am actually quite clever…. after the fact.

A couple of months ago when we were in the midst of farming and I was running meals to and fro in our old beat-up pickup truck, I kept having this fantasy about being in a country music video.  There I am driving my pickup truck through a field with dust blowing behind me, racing toward a tractor with a handsome young farmer operating it.  (This part is actually true… well, maybe not the “young” part but it sounds better than a handsome old farmer.   I come screeching (can you screech in the middle of a plowed field?) to a halt and the young/old farmer jumps/climbs off the tractor and runs/walks up to greet me with a big grin and a big cowboy hat/dirty ball cap  in his hand.

stock photo squidoo.com

“Howdy ma’am” he drawls.  “I sure am hankerin’ for a drink of ice-cold sweet tea.”   He watches me pour the tea into a tall glass filled with ice  and flashes me a grin.  His muscles are quite visible through his plaid cowboy shirt.  I return the smile sweetly and shyly and my long blonde hair blows across my face….

“Hey, what are you so happy about?”  I am snatched back to reality by my husband’s voice…. “Got any tea?”

“Oh I’m just glad to see you…. “

Yes, that’s me… the Great Pretender….. music fades….as we walk hand in hand across the field.


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Welcome to Life in the 50's and 60's and beyond .... where I write about my childhood memories, music of the 60's and about life in the country. I am a mother, grandmother, farmer's wife, business owner, and retired teacher.
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18 Responses to Oh yes…. I’m the Great Pretender….

  1. Dirtclustit says:

    63 is it now? you know I hate to be one of those guys who accuses a person of wearing pants that are on fiyah, but even if your county vitale record produced math that yielded thrice that with all the correct digits plugged in, not only have I learned in my 37 there is no such thing as appendage or Oregon specific rigor mortises which tells me I’m not dead, as a bonus I don’t need to be pinched

    life and sweet dreams are so intermingled only a fool’d attempt to sort what common sense tells a man should go into one big pile


  2. jaels says:

    Ruth, this is a great fun treat, and a treasure!! (I was kinda hoping I could order me up one like you’ve pictured here….oh, excuse me–I got side-tracked!) I, too, am both an expert “imagine-er” (adult pretender), and have never been bored in my own company–ever. My problem, though, with those one-way conversations, is that sometimes they seem to run away with me, just keep looping around till I’ve wasted the day and am exhausted!


  3. I love this post Ruth. Love it!!
    I call it meandering in life, taking a little side-trip out of life’s reality. Or Escapism. I spend time also in my make-believe scenarios.
    My favorite place a s a child in rural Oregon was a Bing Cherry tree. I dragged pillows and blankets up it much to my mom’s dismay to create a hut in the canopy,
    Today I still can get lost in an afternoon of role-playing and day dreaming, at the cost of anything productive I might add. 😉

    I think this is not only normal but healthy as well. It’s a good sign of being comfortable in your skin I believe.
    Really a lovely post Ruth. Thanks for such a sweet share ~


  4. I had older brothers/sisters…so being “the baby”… I entertained myself quite well…
    Still like alone time… Your latest pretending sounded quite romantic…
    and if I know you… like me… that man of yours is still making your heart do
    flip flops at times… I’m 64 …so definitely have the same memories at times…


  5. Luanne says:

    That’s why I love that Billy Currington song and the image of the guy with the turnip truck ;).


  6. It is good to know that I am not alone. I replay conversations, have whole fantasy scenarios in my head and am completely happy to have time to daydream on my own. My hour long drive to and from work is perfect for that.

    And anything that makes you smile at your husband is a good thing. 🙂


  7. Maxi says:

    Thanks for the memories. I wasn’t an only child but was a loner, and a dreamer.
    blessings ~ maxi


  8. Thank you for the smile and the memories. I remember it all. I was an only child and was alone a lot but not necessarily lonely. There certainly is a difference. 🙂


  9. cobbies69 says:

    Oh yes and so am I, always pretending here is the only way to go.. 😉 and dream…


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