Celebration: Farmer Style

Wednesday was my husband’s birthday.     We usually have a small get-together with our friends on the weekend closest to our birthdays, but this year it didn’t work out and everyone was busy with other committments.  This was birthday 64 for him  and I had grandiose plans of making a video of the Beatles “When I’m 64”  and personalizing it a bit.  Didn’t happen.

It rained that day, and while most people are disappointed when it rains on their birthday, farmers are of a different mind, especially since we needed some showers for the crops.  So at 6:30 PM we decided to go out for supper to celebrate the rain and the birthday.  We both jumped in the shower (not at the same time) and  after searching through our “gift card” drawer to see what gift cards remained we decided on The Olive Garden, which was about 40 minutes away.

Farmers like to multi task, so we headed toward my Dad’s farm to see if it had received any rain (it’s right on the way to the The Olive Garden, sort of).  When we got to Dad’s farm, we drove back behind the barn to check out the soybeans, then drove across the road to check the corn.  Then onward, but before we reached The Olive Garden, we stopped at a couple of farm implement dealers to peruse the used and new equipment and to see if maybe they had a different header for our fairly new combine purchased last year.

Finally around 8:45 we arrive at our destination and had a lovely meal with a cute, bubbly waitress that reminded us of our youngest daughter who lives in Portland.   I did sing a verse or two of the Beatles song while we were waiting for our meal to arrive while  my faithful husband rolled his eyes at me.

We arrive home pretty late for us on a week night…. 10:30 PM….and listened to the message my youngest daughter had left her dad.   Tried to return the call but she didn’t pick up.    We woke up the next day to discover we had received another nice rain while we slept.   That was really the best gift of all.

maintenance chart 004

So much equipment…. so little time…

maintenance chart 005


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Welcome to Life in the 50's and 60's and beyond .... where I write about my childhood memories, music of the 60's and about life in the country. I am a mother, grandmother, farmer's wife, business owner, and retired teacher.
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5 Responses to Celebration: Farmer Style

  1. Love to hear about rain dances. And..When I am 64? Brilliant song, such a good one to sing your spouse.

    I want to pass on two awards Ruth for appreciation of readers. You are so deserving of this so enjoy please ~



  2. Luanne says:

    Happy birthday to your hubby!!!


  3. love your slices of life — happy belated birthday to your husband


  4. LB says:

    love that that you sang anyway, even if the video never got made. I also like the slow round a bout way you took to dinner 😉 sounds like a pretty nice day!


  5. Wonderful story–happy birthday to your husband!


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