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Telling This with a Sigh…. Friday Fictioneers

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It tolls for Dolly……Friday Fictioneer

Tiny orange blossoms sprouted up overnight.  Dolly didn’t  notice at first.  They spread past the bushes, filling in the yard, climbing up the bell pull and strangling the clapper with tough, stringy vines.  Each morning she took a pair of … Continue reading

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Down to the river….

I grew up near the banks of the Blanchard River. Our house was at the top of a hill, our farm was gently rolling, and looking out our kitchen window to the east was a field that we called “the … Continue reading

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The Choice Friday Fictioneer

Sold. He smiled. Finally he had sold a painting.  He remembered the words of his mother, ” … don’t be an artist.  Get a real job.  Something you can support yourself with.   You can play around with your paints … Continue reading

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The End (Friday Fictioneers)

“Who’ll gimme twenty, gimme twenty?” “Didn’t your parents ever throw anything away!” Dave’s comment broke my concentration on the auctioneer’s song.   I glanced his way, but he was moving toward another table loaded with the treasures of my parents’ lives. … Continue reading

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Up in Smoke

Originally posted on Retired Ruth:
They were perfect in every way.  So soft from many washings, full coverage including feet, and my favorite color – yellow.  That’s why the disaster that befell my favorite pair of pajamas was so devastating.…

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