Facebook Be Gone!

photo credit:  chimes.biolu.edu

photo credit: chimes.biolu.edu



A day or two ago, I deactivated my Facebook account.  Which means those of you who follow me on Facebook are not reading this!

My reasons were two.   In recent weeks, I started to notice a lot of traffic on my Facebook page.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but most of the names I did not recognize.   They were usually friends of friends, but I had not changed any of my settings so I wasn’t sure why this was happening. It was a bit worrisome and I didn’t  have time to research what was happening.   I have always been a little freaked out to see how Facebook tracks the places I have visited on my computer, and then posts appropriate advertising to lure me even further… but that’s another story…  Anyway,  I have been a bit overwhelmed lately with family issues and projects I need to finish.  It seemed like a good time to take a break and focus on other things.   Which leads me to the second reason.   I work on the computer – a lot.   Whether I am blogging, emailing for business and pleasure, or working on my memoir, the lure of Facebook was just too close at hand.  I could easily just stop by to see what everyone had to say.   Before I knew it 30 minutes had passed and my work was not getting done!    It was just too much of a distraction.


I have to confess… I do miss it.  But I am accomplishing something today.  We’ll see how long it lasts.  I will let you know how it works out.


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18 Responses to Facebook Be Gone!

  1. I am still there (on fb) to keep in touch with old friends. I do however have a facebook page to share stories and blog and that is a public page and I do not share personal photos as such. I too am concerned as fb seems to be so smart and knows the places I had visited before and places I had stayed in too. Good thing we can still ‘follow’ you here with or without fb. Thanks for this post, it’s a food for thought. 🙂


  2. walt walker says:

    Facebook was never something that interested me. I’ve always gotten some negative vibes from it. Can’t say I understand the allure.


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  4. questioning too… all of the ads that connect with my habits…too much!…I’m proud of you…might need the break myself…


  5. pastsmith says:

    You’ll be fine without it…and probably more productive!


  6. I think the original idea to stay in touch with family and ‘real’ friends was a good idea. But, it has become something else and I have cut back to no more than 10 minutes first thing in the morning because it does not add anything of value to my ‘real’ life. Good luck. 🙂


  7. Good for you you! FB is more distraction then connection. It has its place – I’m just not sure what it is. And yes I am still there 🙂


  8. Karen Ward says:

    I consider you wise. I do have a FB account and so far it has been sweet postings. But my heart lies in doing my best to have phone, face to face or letter (email) correspondence types of communication. They are the richest and the deepest. I fear someday people might not know how to look at someone and have a true conversation! I walk the campus here in Ada and everyone’s head is down in their phone. I say “Hi” anyway and if they respond it looks like a spell has been broken. 🙂 Good for you and your decision!


  9. As someone who really looked forward to to reading your posts, I will miss you, Ruth. My favorite thing about fb has been reconnecting with old friends. My least favorite thing is the amount of time I now spend checking up on all those interesting friends. I am blessed to know so many dear people, but I, too, am considering taking a facebook break so I can focus more on creativity. Do you think I’ll need a twelve-step program to make the break?


    • Yes… a 12 step program. I am already experiencing withdrawal…..I do love the way FB allowed me to find old friends like you and others. I know it will be a temporary break and you have already found me here on WordPress, so we CAN stay in touch. Have you considered starting a blog? or maybe you already have one that I don’t know about….


      • I’ve thought about blogging, Ruth, but my gypsy lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to the discipline required to keep readers happy. Maybe someday? I just returned from my local writers’ conference, and decided to focus on novellas, since I’ve had trouble finishing my novels. I love starting them, but lose interest as soon as I figure out the plot. So, I have some outstanding early chapters with only outlines for the rest of the books. Taking a break from facebook would free up a lot of time to play with this new form, so you may inspire me to join your break.


  10. edebock says:

    There are aspects of Facebook that bother me too, especially the amount of junk that I often have to scroll through on my News Feed to find any actual news! I don’t know if my FB friends are unusually naive but I can’t believe how many of them repost garbage without first checking to see if there’s any truth to it. And, yes, it is a distraction and a time waster. On the other hand, FB has been an easy way to keep in touch with friends I made when were living in Asia and it has allowed me to reconnect with several people from my past. Perhaps it’s greatest value to me at his point, however, is the way that it’s enabled our extended family to carry on a running conversation about the needs and care of my very elderly parents who live quite a distance away from most of us. It can be an invaluable communication tool if used correctly.


  11. Luanne says:

    Ruth, i didn’t know you were on Facebook. I know what you mean, though, but it’s not just FB. Today I got an email from the company that provides my internet. I’ve never given it to them. And it was about a bill. I feel the noose of no-privacy tightening around my neck.


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