Hickory Nut Cake

Retired Ruth

I recently found my mom’s recipe for Hickory Nut Cake.  I am reposting this and adding the recipe at the end…..

My mom’s hickory nut cake was the best.  It was moist and nutty.

It was a supreme labor of love.  Hickory nut cakes don’t come out of a box. They are created over a long period of time.

hickory nut cake

An old gnarled shaggy-bark hickory tree grew behind our barn across the creek.  It stood alone in the middle of the pasture.   When other trees surrounding it were sacrificed for wood or to clear the way for more farm ground, someone spared the hickory tree.     After a hard frost the nuts would begin to fall to the ground and my mother and I and sometimes my brother would trek back to the tree and gather them.   Some already had worm holes.  We tossed those out into the…

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Welcome to Life in the 50's and 60's and beyond .... where I write about my childhood memories, music of the 60's and about life in the country. I am a mother, grandmother, farmer's wife, business owner, and retired teacher.
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1 Response to Hickory Nut Cake

  1. Sandairy says:

    Want to thank you also for the wonderful apple butter and tomato relish…homemade gifts are the best.. we are enjoying them a lot. Say, did you check your calendar to see if November 20 will work for you. Is Lindsay coming home then? Sue


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