The S Hook



Grandma Nature by George Carruth

Grandma Nature by George Carruth

How often do you get exactly what you need?

Yes that is a rhetorical question.

But in this case…. no, it isn’t.

I had a little garden sculpture that was given to me by two of my best friends and I wanted to display it in my patio/entrance area.  When I placed it in the mulch next to some flowers it seemed to disappear.  I wanted people to notice it when they came to my back door.  Which of course, is the only door we ever use at my house.  So I propped it up in several places. Nothing seemed to look right.  I wanted it to be the focal point, not just another piece of stuff sitting around.  I must have moved that piece 12 times.  

I finally decided I would hang it next to my back door.  But I have vinyl siding.  And those of you that also have vinyl siding know that hanging stuff on your siding takes special types of drill bits or hooks, neither of which I had.

My friend, (one of the friends who purchased the sculpture for me), suggested using an S hook and hanging it over the side of an old buggy seat. It would hang alongside some flowering plants.  It worked perfectly!

But I digress from the original purpose of this post.

I am guessing that most of you don’t have an S hook lying around the house.   I do have a lot of junk, but after searching through my many junk drawers, and junk nooks and crannies, and plastic containers full of nails and screws and nuts and bolts and tape… couldn’t find one.

I went out to my husband’s shop to search.  You may be envisioning a garage with tools hung neatly on a pegboard and shelves full of bins full of nuts and bolts.  No this is a farm shop, and an excavator’s shop.

There are hundreds of square feet of nuts, bolts, screws, wrenches, screwdrivers, rolling toolboxes, jacks, air compressors, file cabinets full of oil filters, fuel filters, parts to machines we haven’t owned in 15 years, and an occasional oil spill.  Plus two old refrigerators, a freezer, and a fifteen foot long work bench permanently stained with oil and grease.  A power washer takes up an entire corner of the building. Not to mention there is usually  a skid loader, golf cart or two, and even a dump truck parked inside in different states of repair.

My point is:  finding an S hook about the size of my index finger, is not going to be easy.

Luck was with me that day because when I walked into the shop, there was Duane.  Duane has worked part-time for us for over 30 years.  I don’t remember a time without Duane.   He can solve almost any problem you give him.  Well, maybe not trigonometry, but any Practical Problem that involves mechanics, electrical wiring, or putting stuff back together.  Duane knows his way around the shop as well as anyone so I figured he could point me in the right direction.

“Hey Duane!”  I shouted.   You have to shout in the shop, because usually there’s a vehicle or piece of heavy equipment running full throttle and the radio is ALWAYS  blaring out county music or weather reports or football game play by plays.

He turns around and grins.  “What do you need?”     Duane is very perceptive.  If I show up in the shop it’s because I need something.  Usually help.  I begin to explain to him what I am looking for and finally end up saying, “Do we have any S hooks?”

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the perfect S hook.   Like he had been waiting for me all day to come ask for it.

I give him this look. A sideways glance.  “Are you… like… psychic or something?  Because it really kind of freaks me out that you have exactly what I am looking for.”

“I guess this is just your lucky day,”  he grins.





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14 Responses to The S Hook

  1. puppy1952 says:

    That is so cool – obviously he is in sync with the universe


  2. Lori says:

    Haha! That IS a bit scary. I’m sure we have S hooks lying around somewhere. My husband’s work and storage area sounds a lot like your husband’s, so I wouldn’t want to bet that I could lay my hands on an S hook at any given moment. And we don’t have a “Duane” to come to the rescue!


  3. Susan says:

    Everyone needs a Duane! Love the sculpture, what a wonderful gift.


  4. QP and Eye says:

    First of all I love, love, love the sculpture and secondly the S-hook venture sounds like something that could happen around here too.


  5. It was one of those synchronicity moments – where two things happen simultaneously without reason, but they are connected. You were thinking about an S hook, and George had a feeling he might need one that day. What a cool story! And that is a fabulous sculpture!


  6. pastsmith says:

    Oooh, we have s-hooks in our kitchen drawer! If you lived behind me, I could have helped…love that sculpture.


  7. Duane sounds like a mechanical fairy godmother!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. love how this happens…and just recently I was to learn about S hooks…I use them on the Teacup Holders I make…but, had never encountered them before…or realized their name…Coincidence??? or more!… and by the way the sculpture is terrific!…I would have wanted it seen!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Ruth says:

    It was your lucky day. Great story. And what a cool sculpture.


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