What the H?

I am reblogging an old post because I can’t keep up with NaBloPoMo!  I tried, I really did.  I think I may have missed a day,too, but I am not even sure at this point.  Anyway, enjoy this post about husbands and cluelessness.  And if you can identify with the story…. please comment. 

I mentioned once that I should start a blog about my husband.  I decided against that idea because I don’t think it’s a good idea to dwell on parts of your life that are…. well…personal.  

      I want you to understand that my husband is not inconsiderate.  He is just Not Considerate.  There is a difference.  Inconsiderate implies that he does things on purpose that are not considerate (mostly to me).   Not considerate means he doesn’t even realize the things he does are inconsiderate. 

     This morning at 6:15 AM  H (which shall now stand for Husband)  decided to unplug the toilet in my bathroom which had been plugged for 3 days.   This toilet is located about 4 feet away from where I lie sleeping in my comfortable, warm, bed.  I like the toilet there… it’s very convenient in the middle of the night and its why we added it when we built the master bedroom to our century old home.  When you use the toilet in my bathroom the light shines directly in my face (if you don’t shut the door) but, hey I can always roll over and face the darkness. 

     I had tried myself to unplug said toilet several times prior to this morning.  I plunged and plunged and plunged to no avail.  H is a pretty strong and muscular guy so I knew it would take his skill and prowess to make any progress.  So he begins to plunge without taking any precautions.   Not considerate. 

You know how they say that when you flush the toilet, water can spray up to 6 feet away from the toilet?  Well picture this muscular H plunging away in my bathroom with my hairbrush and toothbrush and face scrub and hot roller thingy all lying on the sink nearby.  Ew.  Need I mention there is also a bath rug on the floor that I use when I step out of the shower.  And there are several rolls of toilet paper awaiting use on the back of the toilet.   

Now all contaminated.  Not considerate.

6:15 AM.   Not considerate.

Light shining in my eyes which were closed just prior to the occurrence.   Not considerate.

Finally I hear the sounds of the toilet flushing!  I knew he could do it.  I get up because after all the sounds of water, etc.  I now have a pressing issue myself.  When he sees my leg swing over the side of the bed, he comes in with an armload of wet towels and says…..”Should I throw these in the laundry?”   

I sit on the edge of my bed and rub my eyes. My good towels.  From the cabinet above the toilet.   The toilet that is MINE and also is our guest bathroom should we ever have guests. The bathroom where I shower and brush my teeth and wash my hands and apply makeup on occasion. And those are the guest towels he used to mop up the mess. 

Not considerate.

But he seriously has no clue.

I nod my head.  “Yes, the laundry.”  It’s all I dare say at the moment.

I could say more. I could say a lot more.  But he would just say, “Well gee I was just trying to help”.

So instead I go out and pour myself a cup of coffee.   He does the same.  He grabs a ziplock bag from the kitchen counter.  It contains a zucchini bread that I made last night. 

I glare at him.  “Did you wash your hands?”

He sheepishly gets up from the table and goes to his bathroom to wash his hands.

He returns and cuts a slice of zucchini bread. 

I stare into my coffee cup .     


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24 Responses to What the H?

  1. Ruth2Day says:

    hahahahaha, can so relate. My hubby is much the same 🙂


  2. Boys will boys … and then they grow up and … men will be men. Why do they have no clue about these sorts of ‘common sense’ things but can fix mechanical stuff without blinking an eye?!?!? I love my husband but he still doesn’t know where anything goes in the kitchen (we’ve lived here 15 years), doesn’t know how the vacuum works, and couldn’t clean a sink (or toilet) to save his life. Maybe they’re just wired strangely! Who knows?!?!? Absolutely loved this post!


  3. AS “good” as they can be some days… then there’s days like you talked about…I guess I have said, “I just don’t get it!” at least 100 times…Soooo true!


  4. marymtf says:

    Hi Ruth, I’d say that ‘he seriously has no clue’ is the clue. I have granddaughters and grandsons, They think differently. That’s all it is. 🙂 Like your blog.


  5. Marcella Rousseau says:

    I wonder if any of these men could have ADD or ADHD?


  6. free penny press says:

    Men will be boys, yes? Not the good towels, H!!!


  7. parusbarbara says:

    Your H is great in some aspect, when I ask my H to clean his hands, he always say something, gosh! But we should say all the Hs are good enough, that’s why we still live together till to the end of our life, agree with me?


  8. robincoyle says:

    Argh. Nothing more. Just Argh.


  9. eww.. sounds sadly so familair. I wonder why they just do not get it?


    • If we every figure it out we WILL write a book. Together. WIth the help of women EVERYWHERE.


      • Touche Ruth! i’ll be there with my chapter for certain. Not a bad idea really. it would be fun. Each author the master of her own chapter.

        By the way I keep meaning to ask you; is your pink floral background on your blog yours or WP’s?
        I’d love to get a hold of some paper or fabric just like it.

        Chat again soon ~ I look forward to it~ BB


        • It could be like the Chicken Soup for the Soul books…. only on the dark side!
          The background wallpaper I found on Google Images under vintage wallpaper. I chose it because It reminds me of the wallpaper I had in my own bedroom in the 50’s and 60’s. My mom used to wallpaper EVERYTHING, even the ceiling!


        • My mom too!! Of course. That is why it speaks to me. I ahve never asked anyone about their back grund before but it just pulled at me.

          Love your book idea. You ever want to compile stories I will be there.
          Its a fabulous idea really!
          Thanks for the wallpaper tip. That is just so cool. i bet I could print it out too and make [a[er roses out of it. Its just lovely and charming

          See you soon ~ BB


  10. Elaine says:

    My stories would be worse. You would appreciate H so much more. My H can’t even find the dishwasher with a map. The rest I will,not list; it would just make me depressed.


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