Dressing Up the Angel

senior night football 001

Kissing autumn goodbye.

I know it’s still officially autumn until the winter solstice arrives, but the weather has finally and suddenly turned colder and snow flurries are in the forecast.  My little cherub sits in my kitchen window and blows a kiss to the fiery red and orange leaves I stuck behind her wings.  I think I will decorate her with some greenery or tinsel when Thanksgiving is over.

My little angel (not totally certain of my cherub’s gender) is about six inches long and cost me a whopping fifty cents.  I found her (?) at The Lincoln Highway Buy Way Yard sale which is a HUGE yard sale scanning hundreds of miles of country roads and highlighting the historic Lincoln Highway which crosses our state and many others.  

She was sitting next to the tiny ceramic pig with one missing foot which I also purchased for five cents.  He looks good in my summer fairy garden.  On my way to the car, I spotted a grapevine deer about five feet long and three feet high.  He is in a permanent state of repose after spending too many years outside in the elements.   His former owner mentioned that I could probably hose him down and stretch him out so that he can stand again, but I kind of like they way he looks.  I got a pretty good deal on the deer, too.


It was a fun day with two of my best friends.  We found books, scrapbooking items, pots and pans, rugs, furniture, movies, and a Vera Bradley change purse on a chain.  A very successful shopping day.  Not much money was spent.  Lunch at Beaverdam and delicious ice cream in Delphos.  

You can read more about the Lincoln Highway BuyWay Sale here:



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  1. love seeing items bought at sales…My favorite thing to do…cute purchases…


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