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Run away

The blast mark in the wall looked like an evil face.  And that’s what this place felt like….. evil. It had once been a beautiful place of worship.  Calm, serene, giving one a sense of peace and safety. But now, … Continue reading

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  Light from the bathroom invited her to come toward it.  She pulled back and walked to the living room.   Not yet, she thought.  It’s not time yet. She wandered through the kitchen and dining room looking for more. … Continue reading

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Our first meal as a married couple was Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips or Who Needs a Fancy Honeymoon

“Where do you want to go for a honeymoon?”  I asked my soon-to-be husband. “I don’t care… wherever you want to go…” was the reply. That simple phrase became a recurring theme for the next several decades. We only had … Continue reading


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Rock of Ages

I was born in 1950. Dad was born in 1921. Grandpa was born in 1901. The rock had always been there on the farm. Mom and Aunt Mae would come running when she saw us climbing on it, convinced we … Continue reading

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First grader: What’s your favorite subject?   Third grader: Lunch!   An old joke, for sure, but it has some truth to it.  Most of us look forward to our lunch break whether we are employed full time, are a … Continue reading

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Hindsight 20/20

Dee found it hard to believe how easy it was to dissolve a business that had taken her 40 years to build. The move to the uptown location had been too pricey, and the timing of the market crash hadn’t … Continue reading

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