ff shoes

photo credit to Sarah Potter

The shoes were a bargain.

I know because she only ever bought from the discounted, discontinued, clearance area. She spent little on herself.  We dressed in hand-me-downs from cousins.  We made our own soap, ketchup, applesauce… always had a garden.  Never had a credit card.  Paid off debts quickly.  Always had money in a savings account.

The only splurge I can remember was having her hair done each week, and that was after she got a job in a local factory.

In later years, when she could afford better, she still bought from the bargain rack.


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22 Responses to Mom

  1. mehak22 says:

    nice post👌💖

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  2. Once you *have* to live frugally, you find you don’t really *need* most of that other stuff anyway, Nicely written

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  3. granonine says:

    You could be describing my mother 🙂 It was very hard for her when she could no longer afford her weekly session with the hairdresser, but she still rarely bought anything that wasn’t on the clearance rack.

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  4. Nice. Sounds like my grandmother and probably from that generation.


  5. Jelli says:

    Sounds too much like me. I got a haircut this week, first time since 2012, and still I feel it was a huge splurge.

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  6. Good for her! I have to admit I am not that different!

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  7. True of so many who lived through the 30s and war rationing. We who grew up in the 50s had no clue what made them tick — I regret that.


  8. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover says:

    Loved this story.


  9. puppy1952 says:

    Wonderful how your mom economised but I am so glad she treated herself to that weekly hairdo! We all need some spoiling.


  10. Fluid Phrase says:

    Yeah… This is very true. I know of many such people too. This is quite a different approach to the prompt. Loved it.


  11. Moon says:

    A great take with a great moral for our generation .Really admire your protagonist .


  12. I think it’s a good habit to have being careful.


  13. Iain Kelly says:

    A wise woman, especially never having a credit card, evil things.


  14. I think the habit of being careful when spending is a habit that will never leave… maybe it’s a good habit too.

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