The Simple Life

“Life in the 50’s and beyond” is one of my taglines. I can’t help but compare what is happening during the pandemic to my childhood. No, there was no virus causing this much disruption around the world, but the way in which we are now living our lives easily compares to life in the 50’s.

Everything moved much slower back then. Cars didn’t go as fast and drivers certainly didn’t drive like they do nowadays. We lived in rural America, so we were naturally isolated and didn’t really know any other way.

We seldom went shopping and when we did, it was well thought out; lists were made knowing that it would be another several weeks or month before the next shopping trip. We didn’t need as much because we had food canned or frozen from our gardens and our moms cooked from scratch. As long as the kitchen was well stocked with staples, we were all set. Carry-out was not even a thing.

As far as finding things to pass the time, we had to be creative. Yes, there was radio and limited TV but everything was plugged in and there was no taking your entertainment with you. Even when transistor radios came along, you had limited stations available to listen to and you waited patiently for your favorite song to come on, sometimes for hours.

The pandemic has slowed most of us down. Not by choice, and some of us are kicking and screaming in protest. But I am finding I rather like it. I am getting things done around the house that I thought I never had time to complete. I am getting out some old recipes and cleaning out places that are past due for cleaning. I’m finding time to take a walk, and even looking forward to getting out of the house for some quiet time.

I don’t feel as rushed, I am planning trips to town for only necessary things and there just seems to be more time to do everything.

Yes I miss my family, my friends, and going out to eat every weekend. But for the most part, I am enjoying this little bit of downtime that some of us haven’t experienced for a long time.

I know everyone is not having the same experience as me. I am thankful for the health care providers and the necessary workers who keep everything going everyday in spite of the risks to their well being. For the sake of the world and everyone’s health, I hope this is over soon. I also hope that the world can learn something about slowing down and about being more prepared for whatever is next.

My Grandmother Ruth and me.

About Life in the 50's and beyond...

Welcome to Life in the 50's and 60's and beyond .... where I write about my childhood memories, music of the 60's and about life in the country. I am a mother, grandmother, farmer's wife, business owner, and retired teacher.
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8 Responses to The Simple Life

  1. Glad you are enjoying the down time. I think we all needed to slow down for a bit.


  2. karen ward says:

    Hi Ruth,I am glad you wrote this as I was trying to find words to relay how this feels familiar. And you did it!  I will be forwarding this to my children and younger friends.

    I know we haven’t communicated in quite awhile but I still have opportunity to read your pieces when I had time but last year was crazy full and a lot of that was with some surgeries we need to ‘renovate’ our bodies.  🙂  

    You would write these very short stories pertaining to a photo given you. Can you tell me what the website this is?  I have a granddaughter (age 14) who is a very creative writer and I was telling her about you.  And this site.  This might be a really good time for her to pursue it since she doesn’t have school and activities.  She said it really sounded neat when I explained it to her.  And maybe a piece of yours as an example. Happy home project-ing!  I’m doing the same!With warmthKaren Ward (Pat Searfoss’s friend who helped open ReStore in Ada).


    • Oh Karen, I could never forget you! You are so sweet to say all these things! I did not write many stories last year, for the same reasons as you were busy… older… more surgeries and doctors appointments. The short story site you are thinking of is called Friday Fictioneers. There are many groups that do similar stories with picture prompts. I bet there are even some that are geared to young writers. Let me know if she does any writing… I would love to read them!


  3. This is dear! I hope you don’t mind that I’m sharing it.

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  4. You made some good points here including less pollution, it is quiet so you can hear the birds. I too have gotten some things done I hadn’t thought about, but I miss people. Even being an introvert and an only child, I miss people. We went for a ride today, and in our town everything is closed so even though it was so good to be out, it is sad. I also talked on the phone to a friend I normally see in person and heard how several in her family who work in healthcare are losing their jobs. I keep hearing about how overworked the healthcare workers are, and I hadn’t thought about all those positions associated with surgeries and doctor offices would be at risk. Naive of me. Tough times. Stay safe.


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