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Marge and Glenn

June 16, 1943.  Duluth, Minnesota.  He was almost twenty-two.  She was twenty.  World War II raged in other parts of the world, but for one day, the war was forgotten for this couple.   Glenn was stationed in Duluth after … Continue reading

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June 16, 1943

  “I’ll bet no one has ever called Duluth Minnesota paradise,” said Marge, “but that’s what it feels like tonight.” Glenn looked at his new bride and smiled.  “It sure is paradise.” They walked hand in hand along the water, … Continue reading

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This Old House

Our farmhouse was built in 1909.  It was purchased by my husband’s family in 1951.  My husband and his three brothers grew up here and shortly after we were married in 1971 we moved in.   I grew up in … Continue reading

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  We were the back hall gang, taking pride in the fact that we didn’t really fit in with the rest of the school.    We had pens printed with our motto…. Back Hall Rules, Rest of School Drools…… We … Continue reading

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The Wallet (Part Three)

With all the contents of the wallet spread out on my dining room table, I leaned back in my chair and studied it all.  It was amazing what I had learned about Ruth by just examining the contents of her … Continue reading

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The Wallet (Part Two)

Many of you know that I am the excavator’s wife.  It seems simpler to tell the rest of the story from my point of view. The first thing I noticed as I emptied the damp wallet was an identification card … Continue reading

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The Wallet (Part One)

A flash of turquoise in the huge pile of rubble. “Stop!”  the young man shouted and waved his arms.  The equipment operator stopped the machine and the young man tiptoed through the pile of brick and stone to the tiny … Continue reading

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