Hindsight 20/20

Dee found it hard to believe how easy it was to dissolve a business that had taken her 40 years to build.

The move to the uptown location had been too pricey, and the timing of the market crash hadn’t helped.

Dee sat in the empty board room.

She grimaced as she looked at the pathetic arrangement of flowers sent by her biggest competitor, and cried as she gazed at the smaller arrangement sent by her “loyal” secretary, who had been with her from the start.

Good employees were hard to find.

Dee should have been less trusting.


photo credit  Dale Rogerson

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Caller ID


photo credit:  J Hardy Carroll




The ringing of the phone bounced off the tiled walls until I thought I would go mad.  Ten times, then the caller would hang up and try again.

I struggled with the ropes that bound my wrists and ankles.

I wasn’t sure how often someone came round to check a closed rest area.

There were rope burns from my struggles and I was tired and thirsty.  I needed to get free before I ran out of energy.

The pay phone was making me crazy, but it might be my only salvation.

Unless, of course, the caller was him.



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kennt bonham ff

Photo credit:  Kent Bonham

The odor grew stronger everyday.  At first, Nita assumed it was road kill from the highway.  But it grew in intensity and on Thursday, grocery day for Nita, the smell followed her all the way to the store.

She checked her tires, thinking she had run over something icky.

She had loaned her car to Don.  Had he left something in the trunk?  There was a sinking feeling in her stomach. Her friends had warned her about Don.

Prepared for the worst, she opened the trunk, and immediately slammed it shut.

Damn it…. Don and his Limburger Cheese obsession…


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Still Life

janet-webb-french-still-life ff

photo credit: Janet Webb

A jar of his favorite candy.

The tears in her eyes made the shiny wrappers all blurry;  like the memories of better times.

A scented candle in the window, patchouli fragrance. Funny how a certain smell could make you remember.

Late afternoon sunshine filtering through the window….it had been their favorite time of day.

The sketch she had made of him while he slept…..why had she never framed it?  It seemed pointless now.

He should have been more careful.

Soon it would be over forever.

She would make him pay for throwing all these wonderful memories away.



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It was terrifying.  For the first time in her life, she was alone.  She had worked through the sadness, the grief, as best as she could.  It was time to move away and try to start over.  

She didn’t have many years left. Her children were not happy with the decision.  Her grandchildren thought it was a great idea.  

“Live it up, Grandma!  Have some adventures!”  they said. 

As she walked through the narrow avenue, she vowed not to look back. It had been a great life but it was time for change. Adventures would be good, or just happiness.



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Marge and Glenn


letter June 16 194306142017

letter June 16 194306142017_0001

June 16, 1943.  Duluth, Minnesota.  He was almost twenty-two.  She was twenty.  World War II raged in other parts of the world, but for one day, the war was forgotten for this couple.   Glenn was stationed in Duluth after enlisting in the Coast Guard.  Marge had hopped on a train in Carey, Ohio, to meet Glenn and marry him.  They spent one night together and then Marge headed back to Ohio, back to a job so she could save for their future, and back to her parents to explain where she had been.  Marge’s little sister, Burdeen, covered for her while she was gone.

It was a bold move for a small-town farm girl from the Midwest.  Was this her first trip out of state?  Quite possibly.  And it was a doozy.  She was a spunky girl, but running off to get married so far away was pretty amazing.  Eventually, Marge returned to Duluth, found a job as a waitress, and began her life as Glenn’s wife until 1945 when they discovered their family was expanding.  Again she left for Ohio to await the birth of their first child.

And then… the war was over, Glenn came home to Ohio.  They worked hard and raised two children, my brother and me.  They were married sixty-two years when Marge passed away in 2005.

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June 16, 1943

dale-rogerson4 ff june 16

photo prompt by Dale Rogerson


“I’ll bet no one has ever called Duluth Minnesota paradise,” said Marge, “but that’s what it feels like tonight.”

Glenn looked at his new bride and smiled.  “It sure is paradise.”

They walked hand in hand along the water, watching the moon and clouds and each other.
“I hate it that you have to go back home already tomorrow,” said Glenn.

“Well, my parents don’t know I am here and I have to get back to work so we can save for our future together.   It will only be for a little while.”

They kissed and walked toward the hotel.


My parents were married June 16, 1943, so when I saw the date on Rochelle’s  https://rochellewisoff.com/tag/friday-fictioneers/   blog for this week’s post, I knew my topic in an instant.  Working backwards, this week I had to make the photo prompt fit my idea!


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