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Peaceful Personality?

This morning I discovered a voicemail that was received last night after I had gone to bed.  My long-distance friend was upset with me  because I had failed to comment on a facebook posting about her life-threatening surgery.  I feel … Continue reading

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Monthly Peace Challenge

The Beatles were wrong. There I’ve said it even though I never thought I would disagree with those 4 adorable boys from the 60’s. What I have learned from the past (almost) 42 years of marriage is….. it takes more … Continue reading

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Poverty Lessons

“I am sick and tired of all the people in the United States that live off the government.  They are lazy and just want a free hand-out.  Why can’t they just get a job and work like the rest of … Continue reading

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Let it Begin with me.

A favorite song. A timeless song. We are all brothers and sisters. You will never convince me that Peace is not meant to be. Events throughout the world make it easy to believe that evil and hatred are the norm. … Continue reading

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Poem for Peace Monthly Peace Challenge: Mad Men

The many messages from Bloggers For Peace resonate with the same beliefs.   Whether you create a video, a short story, a blog post, a poem, a photo, drawing, or an advertisement, the message is crystal clear. (A diamante is … Continue reading

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Stare Out the Window; Finding Peace

Go ahead.  Stare out the window.  Stare at a favorite photo or painting.  Stare at the computer screen. My good friend just sent me an email saying,  “I just want to stare out the window for a while, and think … Continue reading

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The 60’s.  I was a teenager.    It was a fascinating and eventful time to be young.   I wish I had paid better attention.   The world and especially the United States was full of turmoil.  The assassination of JFK in 1963 … Continue reading

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