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June 16, 1943

  “I’ll bet no one has ever called Duluth Minnesota paradise,” said Marge, “but that’s what it feels like tonight.” Glenn looked at his new bride and smiled.  “It sure is paradise.” They walked hand in hand along the water, … Continue reading

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  We were the back hall gang, taking pride in the fact that we didn’t really fit in with the rest of the school.    We had pens printed with our motto…. Back Hall Rules, Rest of School Drools…… We … Continue reading

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Three Thoughts

  In a very late response to the challenge posed by Margo at https://theothersideof55.wordpress.com/ I’m posting my answers (three for each question) to this meme: Three names I answer to: Ruth Grandma Mrs. Crates Three places I’ve called home: Vanlue Ohio … Continue reading

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A couple of days ago I shared an article from an Ohio teacher, who was concerned about the direction of the educational system.  It’s a hot topic. Test prep and testing takes up the majority of school hours and students and … Continue reading

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Dream or Reality

Aliyia stretched and yawned, puzzled by the stiffness of her body.  She carefully swung her legs out of bed, attempted to stand, and fell with a thud.  Staring at the ceiling, she lifted her head and shook it.  It was so … Continue reading

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Perfectly unclear

“This is (name garbled) and could R please call me at (number garbled)?  We have a (garbled) (garbled) break and I need to talk to R right away.”  Click. So is this…. a water main break, an equipment break, are you … Continue reading

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Hello…. Audience, are you there?

I confessed in my last post that I didn’t always follow the rules of blogging.  I must have hit a nerve with other bloggers because that was my highest viewed post since I began the NaBloPoMo journey. I was totally … Continue reading

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