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Grandma Thomas

Grandma Thomas was a Wonder.  Literally, she was. She was born Ruth Katherine Wonder on April 24, 1897.  My grandfather Orville Thomas married her in 1917 and together they had 8 children, the oldest child being almost thirty years old … Continue reading

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Jen latched the suitcase, and took one last long look around.  Many times she had tried to leave, but something held her there.  He promised he would return.  I promised I would wait.  Eight years was a long time. She … Continue reading

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Hindsight 20/20

Dee found it hard to believe how easy it was to dissolve a business that had taken her 40 years to build. The move to the uptown location had been too pricey, and the timing of the market crash hadn’t … Continue reading

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A Sweet Surprise

Dilapidated. The price was right.  It was all she could afford. Seriously it was a dump, but at least she would be off the streets.  The foundation was sturdy. There wasn’ t any mold. The doors and windows were secure … Continue reading

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The Table

My Grandparents, Orville and Ruth were married in 1917.  They raised 8 children together, the fourth one being my mother, Marjorie.  I don’t know when the oak pedestal table joined the family but I bet it could tell some awesome … Continue reading

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The China Cupboard

Christmas 1970 …My first visit to the house I have now lived in for 41 years.  The house where my husband had grown up.  Meeting his family for the first time. In the dining room was a huge China cupboard … Continue reading

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