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Last spring I purchased a pretty little sage plant marked down at a local nursery.  I always have these big intentions of using herbs in my cooking and I do sometimes, but I always hate to cut the fresh herbs … Continue reading

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My Favorite Weed

I know what you’re thinking.   My favorite weed.  Me-a child of the 60’s. Well nothing could be further from the truth.   Yes, I dressed like a hippie and listened to all that psychedelic music.  But weed?  Nope, never … Continue reading

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A blog from a couple of years ago.  Hope you enjoy it again or maybe for the first time! Today I was reminded of how lucky I am by, of all people, the furnace repair man.  It was time for … Continue reading

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Late Summer Corn

A field of corn on the east side of my home blocks my view.  The world is on the other side; out of sight and out of mind. Voices and sounds of cars and trucks are muffled. The unusual quietness … Continue reading

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Riding my Bike

She was waiting for me at the end of the sidewalk with her hands on her hips. “You may as well put that bicycle in the garage for the next two weeks. You could have been killed.  Lucky for you … Continue reading

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After a brief intermission of rain, the combines are back in the corn fields.  Soybean harvest was completed last week.  It’s a relief to have that part done, because weather can wreak havoc on the beans if they are left … Continue reading

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Under the Covers

My love of sleeping in a cold bedroom comes from growing up in old farmhouses with primitive heating systems. There was no furnace in the first house I lived in.   A coal stove standing in the living room heated … Continue reading

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Can you stand just one more Moonflower Update?

Originally posted on Retired Ruth:
OK, maybe I’m a little obsessed with this moonflower growing on my patio, but hey… it’s my blog.  I can obsess if I want!   Maybe it’s the romantic notion of a night blooming flower.  …

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Celebration: Farmer Style

Wednesday was my husband’s birthday.     We usually have a small get-together with our friends on the weekend closest to our birthdays, but this year it didn’t work out and everyone was busy with other committments.  This was birthday … Continue reading


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Oh yes…. I’m the Great Pretender….

Oh yes I’m the great pretender. I have always loved to pretend, and yes, even at the rotten (not really feeling ripe anymore) old age of almost 63 I still pretend. I hope think that’s normal.  In today’s high-tech world … Continue reading

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