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After a brief intermission of rain, the combines are back in the corn fields.  Soybean harvest was completed last week.  It’s a relief to have that part done, because weather can wreak havoc on the beans if they are left … Continue reading

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Old School

Broken bricks, cracked plaster, roof, all but gone.  I have passed this one room school-house hundreds of times in my life.  I have watched it fall apart and wondered about the days that it was filled with children’s voices and dreams. … Continue reading

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The Junk Drawer

In every house I have ever lived in, there has been a junk drawer.  A catch-all.  A place to throw everything that doesn’t fit in any category.  A place to throw things when unexpected company arrives and you have to … Continue reading

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Under the Covers

My love of sleeping in a cold bedroom comes from growing up in old farmhouses with primitive heating systems. There was no furnace in the first house I lived in.   A coal stove standing in the living room heated … Continue reading

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Can you stand just one more Moonflower Update?

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OK, maybe I’m a little obsessed with this moonflower growing on my patio, but hey… it’s my blog.  I can obsess if I want!   Maybe it’s the romantic notion of a night blooming flower.  …

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Celebration: Farmer Style

Wednesday was my husband’s birthday.     We usually have a small get-together with our friends on the weekend closest to our birthdays, but this year it didn’t work out and everyone was busy with other committments.  This was birthday … Continue reading

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Oh yes…. I’m the Great Pretender….

Oh yes I’m the great pretender. I have always loved to pretend, and yes, even at the rotten (not really feeling ripe anymore) old age of almost 63 I still pretend. I hope think that’s normal.  In today’s high-tech world … Continue reading

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Sunday Serenity

I am wishing for some Sunday Serenity today, but it’s not going to happen.  The past week and a half has been busy on the farm, planting corn and soybeans.  The weather has cooperated so everyone is working full-force to … Continue reading

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After my mom passed away in 2005,  we were sorting through her things and I found a book that I had given her for Mother’s Day.  It was called “Harvest of Bittersweet” by Pat Leimbach, who was a farm wife … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Adventures of Dairy Carrie… I think I Need a Drink!:
Today a new undercover video of a dairy farm was released and it really hit home for me… Shocking what goes on behind the closed doors of this…

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