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Grandma Thomas

Grandma Thomas was a Wonder.  Literally, she was. She was born Ruth Katherine Wonder on April 24, 1897.  My grandfather Orville Thomas married her in 1917 and together they had 8 children, the oldest child being almost thirty years old … Continue reading

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Rock of Ages

I was born in 1950. Dad was born in 1921. Grandpa was born in 1901. The rock had always been there on the farm. Mom and Aunt Mae would come running when she saw us climbing on it, convinced we … Continue reading

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  We were the back hall gang, taking pride in the fact that we didn’t really fit in with the rest of the school.    We had pens printed with our motto…. Back Hall Rules, Rest of School Drools…… We … Continue reading

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The Table

My Grandparents, Orville and Ruth were married in 1917.  They raised 8 children together, the fourth one being my mother, Marjorie.  I don’t know when the oak pedestal table joined the family but I bet it could tell some awesome … Continue reading

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Baby… you can drive my car…

One of my blogfriends asked if the little green car in my blog header was significant. Yes it is! Although it’s not the exact same car my family had when I was just a babe,  the picture is the closest … Continue reading

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