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One Liner Wednesday – Loss

Everyone must find his own way to cope with  loss, and the only job of a true friend is to facilitate whatever method he chooses. …unknown Enjoy reading other one-liners at http://lindaghill.com/category/one-liner-wednesday/

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Losing a Friend

     I walked to my front window after hearing the news.  As I looked out at the beautiful sunset, I thought of Nancy.   The sky was on fire with yellow-gold, orange, pink, and purple streaks topped with layers … Continue reading

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Mary Lou

When I was 9 years old a remarkable woman came into my life.   She  was the mother of someone I would eventually become best friends with for more than 50 years.   I had been invited to my friend’s … Continue reading

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Peaceful Personality?

This morning I discovered a voicemail that was received last night after I had gone to bed.  My long-distance friend was upset with me  because I had failed to comment on a facebook posting about her life-threatening surgery.  I feel … Continue reading

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Six Word Saturday

Friends upset Grandkids asleep I’m tired

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Monthly Peace Challenge

The Beatles were wrong. There I’ve said it even though I never thought I would disagree with those 4 adorable boys from the 60’s. What I have learned from the past (almost) 42 years of marriage is….. it takes more … Continue reading

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After my mom passed away in 2005,  we were sorting through her things and I found a book that I had given her for Mother’s Day.  It was called “Harvest of Bittersweet” by Pat Leimbach, who was a farm wife … Continue reading

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Five Minute Friday: Friends

Friends are forever. Some of my best friends I have known for more than 50 years and some of my friends I have known for a few months.  Time doesn’t matter in a friendship; it’s the connection.   Most of … Continue reading

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Poem for Peace Monthly Peace Challenge: Mad Men

The many messages from Bloggers For Peace resonate with the same beliefs.   Whether you create a video, a short story, a blog post, a poem, a photo, drawing, or an advertisement, the message is crystal clear. (A diamante is … Continue reading

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