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June 16, 1943

  “I’ll bet no one has ever called Duluth Minnesota paradise,” said Marge, “but that’s what it feels like tonight.” Glenn looked at his new bride and smiled.  “It sure is paradise.” They walked hand in hand along the water, … Continue reading

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One More Time

The line of traffic waiting for the ferry was  long. Glenn squirmed in his seat and leaned out the window, trying to see if anything was moving ahead. The sky was blue and the air was fresh, but all he … Continue reading

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Smiles and Tears

  At the grocery last week, I glanced up from the piles of food moving slowly toward the bagging area.   The old man was standing by the customer service desk, hunched over with baggy faded overalls.  He shuffled slowly … Continue reading

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The greatest love stories seldom contain the words “Happily Ever After.”    Instead they are stories of love, friendship, commitment, devotion, generosity, selflessness, tenderness, and even philanthropy. The many love stories I have witnessed in my lifetime have often begun with … Continue reading

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Thanks for an original gift…

You are looking at one of my Mother’s Day gifts.   A new design for my blog! My youngest daughter, Lindsay, and her partner, Winx (who just happens to be a web designer)  called and asked if I would like an … Continue reading

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Weekend at Grandma’s

Christmas glitter,  In my hair, On the chair,  Everywhere. Cookie crumbs and icing blobs on the floor  sweep some more. Socks and mittens gone astray Boots and gym shoes in the way. Towels and wash cloths in the bath Band … Continue reading

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Accidental Dating or How I Met Your Father

They say love finds you when you least expect it.  Not for me.  Two weeks shy of 17,  I was pretty sure I was destined to be an old maid.  On that warm, summer evening in 1967 …I was looking. … Continue reading

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The Music of Forever Caddo’s 7 Sentence Stories

He slowly reached for her hand and took her into his arms. She pulled away, frightened by the gesture, not understanding his intent. He pulled her close again, this time, bringing his face close to her ear, singing – “Heavenly … Continue reading

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Oh yes…. I’m the Great Pretender….

Oh yes I’m the great pretender. I have always loved to pretend, and yes, even at the rotten (not really feeling ripe anymore) old age of almost 63 I still pretend. I hope think that’s normal.  In today’s high-tech world … Continue reading

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Picking up Rocks

There have been many articles recently about “helicopter parents”.  Meaning parents that hover a bit too closely to protect their children and in doing so cause them to be fearful and develop into adults that are afraid to take a … Continue reading

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