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Almost the Last minute.

Yesterday we celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary.  In honor of that occasion, a few stories from the past came to mind that I probably should share.  Here is the first one. It was late July 1971.    I would graduate … Continue reading

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What the H?

I am reblogging an old post because I can’t keep up with NaBloPoMo!  I tried, I really did.  I think I may have missed a day,too, but I am not even sure at this point.  Anyway, enjoy this post about husbands … Continue reading

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The Hope Chest

Do today’s young women know what a Hope Chest is?  Are they still a “thing”? Hope Chests have been around for a long time.  Young unmarried girls would collect things to place in their hope chest, things that they hoped … Continue reading

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Miss Monce

I was nine years old when we first met.  She was in her sixties.   She was a tiny little lady, somewhat elfish in appearance.   Miss Monce was always impeccably dressed in silky dresses,  some with large, lacy collars. … Continue reading

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I was Primitive, before Primitive was cool

Many folks are following the primitive decorating trend now.  It’s all about using antiques and rustic-looking objects to decorate your home.  It’s also about recycling and repurposing objects that you may already have or that you can buy cheaper than … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: The Clock

I had never been this nervous in my entire life.  Never.  Does every bride have the jitters on her wedding day?  I was usually as calm as a cucumber.  Not today. My mom and I were in the Sunday School … Continue reading

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Thinking maybe I should devote an entire blogsite to my husband.   Despite his obsessive/compulsive workaholic demeanor, he is pretty funny.   In almost 41 years I haven’t quite figured out how his brain works or if it does. This … Continue reading

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