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Teen Angel and Farm Chores

  Teen Angel Can you hear me? Teen Angel Can you see me? Are you somewhere up above And am I still your own true love?   With a pitchfork handle as my microphone, I belted out a mournful ballad … Continue reading

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Holocaust Remembrance Day

I had just finished reading The Book Thief and then spotted this article from Scholastic.  I thought it was worth sharing and much better than anything I could come up with today..   http://oomscholasticblog.com/post/guest-post-author-marcel-prins

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The Secret Room

At the front of my Grandma’s house was a secret room. There was no way in.  No door. A huge shrub hugged the only outside window to the room. My eight year old self was curious. ” Why is there … Continue reading

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Telling This with a Sigh…. Friday Fictioneers

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My First Audience (Memoir)

On Sunday afternoons, Great Aunt Martha’s  little black Studebaker would pull into our driveway and Aunt Martha and Grandma would emerge for “the visit”.   They would often bring fresh flowers from their gardens, wrapped in tissue paper with a … Continue reading

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Growing Up Country

A recent statistic floating around reads like this:  the average person is three generations removed from agriculture.  That may not surprise you, but I still live on a farm and can trace agriculture back for generations on my side of … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

What does happiness look like to you? Happy is a freshly-baked batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. It’s the smiling face of my husband as he rolls out of the recovery room. Happy are the faces of all the people … Continue reading

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Miss Monce

I was nine years old when we first met.  She was in her sixties.   She was a tiny little lady, somewhat elfish in appearance.   Miss Monce was always impeccably dressed in silky dresses,  some with large, lacy collars. … Continue reading

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Weekend at Grandma’s

Christmas glitter,  In my hair, On the chair,  Everywhere. Cookie crumbs and icing blobs on the floor  sweep some more. Socks and mittens gone astray Boots and gym shoes in the way. Towels and wash cloths in the bath Band … Continue reading

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Old Chair

The old overstuffed chair  was covered in a faded, soft fabric.  By the time it made its way upstairs, the springs were broken and poking up through the seat and an old blanket had been thrown over it  to hide … Continue reading

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