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One More Time

The line of traffic waiting for the ferry was  long. Glenn squirmed in his seat and leaned out the window, trying to see if anything was moving ahead. The sky was blue and the air was fresh, but all he … Continue reading

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Frog Ditch

She was named Lillie, but everyone called her Lil.  Her bright blond hair and sharp blue eyes caught your attention as soon as you met.  She was feisty and fierce and a little bit mouthy, but I loved her for … Continue reading

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Ahhhh…. snuggly, cuddly, soft and comfy, silky, satiny, velvety and cozy, pajamas. Lately, there has been  nothing that can soothe me like a good pair of pajamas. They bring me joy.  Slip on a pair of white fluffy stretchy socks, … Continue reading

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Smiles and Tears

  At the grocery last week, I glanced up from the piles of food moving slowly toward the bagging area.   The old man was standing by the customer service desk, hunched over with baggy faded overalls.  He shuffled slowly … Continue reading

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My Favorite Weed

I know what you’re thinking.   My favorite weed.  Me-a child of the 60’s. Well nothing could be further from the truth.   Yes, I dressed like a hippie and listened to all that psychedelic music.  But weed?  Nope, never … Continue reading

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Teen Angel and Farm Chores

  Teen Angel Can you hear me? Teen Angel Can you see me? Are you somewhere up above And am I still your own true love?   With a pitchfork handle as my microphone, I belted out a mournful ballad … Continue reading

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Jiminy Cricket taught me to wish. I grew up in a practical no-nonsense sort of home.  We dealt with reality and I don’t remember wishing for much.   There was, of course, the blow-out-your-candles wishes and the what-do -you-wish-for Christmas … Continue reading

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The Secret Room

At the front of my Grandma’s house was a secret room. There was no way in.  No door. A huge shrub hugged the only outside window to the room. My eight year old self was curious. ” Why is there … Continue reading

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shoes in heaven

    Clothes.  As I hung up the phone I scribbled down a list of what I needed to bring with me.  My head was spinning out of synch with the rest of my body. Of course.  A set of … Continue reading

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Mary Lou

When I was 9 years old a remarkable woman came into my life.   She  was the mother of someone I would eventually become best friends with for more than 50 years.   I had been invited to my friend’s … Continue reading

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