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My First Audience (Memoir)

On Sunday afternoons, Great Aunt Martha’s  little black Studebaker would pull into our driveway and Aunt Martha and Grandma would emerge for “the visit”.   They would often bring fresh flowers from their gardens, wrapped in tissue paper with a … Continue reading

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Miss Monce

I was nine years old when we first met.  She was in her sixties.   She was a tiny little lady, somewhat elfish in appearance.   Miss Monce was always impeccably dressed in silky dresses,  some with large, lacy collars. … Continue reading

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Next Year….. Stovetop Stuffing

I was feeling  domestic this week.  Everyone was coming  to Thanksgiving at my house.   I had a new kitchen to prepare all the yummy traditional foods.  Lots of blessings to be counted.  There would be twelve of us, including … Continue reading

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Accidental Dating or How I Met Your Father

They say love finds you when you least expect it.  Not for me.  Two weeks shy of 17,  I was pretty sure I was destined to be an old maid.  On that warm, summer evening in 1967 …I was looking. … Continue reading

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Old Chair

The old overstuffed chair  was covered in a faded, soft fabric.  By the time it made its way upstairs, the springs were broken and poking up through the seat and an old blanket had been thrown over it  to hide … Continue reading

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I received this from a friend.  My apologies to the author who was not identified.   My blogger friends of-a-certain-age will hopefully enjoy this as I did. Long ago and far away, in a land that time forgot, Before the … Continue reading

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Under the Covers

My love of sleeping in a cold bedroom comes from growing up in old farmhouses with primitive heating systems. There was no furnace in the first house I lived in.   A coal stove standing in the living room heated … Continue reading

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Oh yes…. I’m the Great Pretender….

Oh yes I’m the great pretender. I have always loved to pretend, and yes, even at the rotten (not really feeling ripe anymore) old age of almost 63 I still pretend. I hope think that’s normal.  In today’s high-tech world … Continue reading

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Picking up Rocks

There have been many articles recently about “helicopter parents”.  Meaning parents that hover a bit too closely to protect their children and in doing so cause them to be fearful and develop into adults that are afraid to take a … Continue reading

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I want the Truth…. Ruth

Remember The Electric Company? No, not AEP, or Pacific Power, or Duke or all of those new “energy providers”. The Electric Company was a PBS kids educational show….  for the kids who had outgrown Sesame Street.  (Can you really outgrow … Continue reading

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