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Valentine’s Day 1957

The wooden classroom floors were scuffed and worn from first graders hard-soled shoes skipping, jumping, occasionally walking, and dragging mud and snow in from outside. By the time it was my turn to be a first grader in the old … Continue reading

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The Baseball Game

It was Spring, 1960. The last day of fifth grade. The last day of school. There were two fifth grades in our small town elementary school. I don’t know how we got split into two grades back in those days, … Continue reading

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  We were the back hall gang, taking pride in the fact that we didn’t really fit in with the rest of the school.    We had pens printed with our motto…. Back Hall Rules, Rest of School Drools…… We … Continue reading

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The Wallet (Part One)

A flash of turquoise in the huge pile of rubble. “Stop!”  the young man shouted and waved his arms.  The equipment operator stopped the machine and the young man tiptoed through the pile of brick and stone to the tiny … Continue reading

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The Table

My Grandparents, Orville and Ruth were married in 1917.  They raised 8 children together, the fourth one being my mother, Marjorie.  I don’t know when the oak pedestal table joined the family but I bet it could tell some awesome … Continue reading

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She was  a  beautiful girl.  She had long, dark red hair almost to her waist.  In a few years hair like hers would be the rage.  But in 1962 it just meant she was too poor to go to a … Continue reading

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