Her Life’s Work

melting-wax-renee-heath ffValaria worked into the night sewing the tiny beads on a gown that would be worn by the future queen.

For over 50 years,  her sewing skills were legend throughout the country.

“Val!  Come to bed.  The light will be better in the morning,” called her husband.  “The doctor warned you to rest.”

“Yes, yes,”  she replied.  ” I am coming.  I just need to finish this row.”

Pavel found her in the morning.  needle still in hand, and the finished gown draped across her lap.

Weeping, he pulled the dress from her hands and angrily threw it into the fire.



This is my weekly entry for Friday Fictioneers.   Using a photo prompt, tell a story of 100 words.  You can read other stories at this link.


17 thoughts on “Her Life’s Work

  1. I enjoyed reading the comments as much as reading the story, as they fell between Pavel should have destroyed the dress or he shouldn’t have. Your title works perfectly, too.


  2. When I read 50 years, I figured she had to be fairly old, especially if a queen is involved (I know there are still queens, but the word always conjures the WAY past in my mind) so when Val died I wasn’t surprised and when Pavel threw the dress in the fire I wasn’t surprised. I just hope the future or present queens don’t punish him for his love.

  3. Ruth, Although I can understand the husband’s feelings about the work perhaps leading to her earlier death, I feel it was a shame to destroy her final masterpiece. It would be a bit like destroying a beautiful one-of-a-kind painting. 😦 Well written. 🙂


  4. Sandairy says:

    Wow Ruth…Did you write that?!!! Not surprised; but it is chilling to me. Went to the program at Riverdale. It was excellent theater. The kids really kept us on the edge of our chairs. Clair said the seats were to hard for Roger. We will try something again. Sue

  5. I empathise with Pavel and it’s a great twist that certainly got me off guard, but I know how much work goes into beading. Something that has had so many hours lavished on it develops a life of its own, I cringed at the thought of it burning in the fire..

  6. Oh yes, the sad twist at the end shocked and made me feel sad for Valaria. I hope that she was able to use her connection to the Queen to find a new home within the castle.

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