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RIP Patty Andrews

Patty Andrews, last surviving sister of the The Andrews Sisters passed away yesterday.

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Share Your World Week 5

Here I go again!  Thank you Cee for motivating me… I need this weekly post more than you need me… that is for sure!!!!! Are you a morning or night person? Undoubtedly I am a morning person.   Even now … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Laughing Housewife:
How to Write Good Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 1. Avoid alliteration. Always. 2. Never use a long word when a diminutive one will do. 3. Employ the vernacular. 4. Eschew ampersands & abbreviations, etc.…

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Our Old Couch

Karen and Wendy at  shared their couch story and asked readers to share theirs….. I’m guessing I am not the only one out there that started marriage with a hand-me-down couch.   Ours came from my husband’s older brother … Continue reading

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The Happy Camper

Jim really is a Happy Camper.   He just doesn’t look the part.  Perhaps it is the way he poses for the camera.  Perhaps he doesn’t like his picture taken. Perhaps  its always the fault of the photographer.  He just doesn’t … Continue reading

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Coffee or tea?   was nice enough to invite me for a cup of coffee!  I would never turn that invitation down!  I hope she doesn’t mind I borrowed her cup….. I will wash it and return when finished! !… Some questions … Continue reading

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Share Your World Week 4

This week Share Your World will be a little different.  Here is the scenario for you to come up with some fun answers.  It’s all about using your imagination and a bucket list. Almost everyone has heard of a bucket … Continue reading

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DP Writing Challenge The Devil Is in the Details. Part 2

A few moments passed before the waitress made it back to the woman’s table to take her order. “Just a cup of coffee with cream, please,”  her voice barely audible mixed in with the noises of the restaurant.   The waitress … Continue reading

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DP Challenge: The Devil is in the Details

This week’s DP Challenge is using details in your writing. If you want to participate in the challenge follow this link 1. A woman walks into a restaurant. Imagine this scene and capture every detail you can in a … Continue reading

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Stare Out the Window; Finding Peace

Go ahead.  Stare out the window.  Stare at a favorite photo or painting.  Stare at the computer screen. My good friend just sent me an email saying,  “I just want to stare out the window for a while, and think … Continue reading

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