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The boys slowly  approached the archway. “You sure this is the right portal?”  asked Jimmy. “We followed the map;  it’s got to be the right one,” insisted Ben. Nate didn’t say a word, glancing at the bicycles parked nearby. Something … Continue reading


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Miles and miles Friday Fictioneer

  My arms could barely lift the styrofoam cup of hot coffee to my lips. “Thanks.  This is just what I needed,”  I said to the stranger who just happened to come past on his bicycle with a silver thermos. … Continue reading

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Thanks for an original gift…

You are looking at one of my Mother’s Day gifts.   A new design for my blog! My youngest daughter, Lindsay, and her partner, Winx (who just happens to be a web designer)  called and asked if I would like an … Continue reading

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Four Dead in OHIO

Originally posted on Retired Ruth:
Peace Blog #2  for February Buffalo Springfield had a hit with this song in 1967, which predated the Kent State Shootings.  In my mind, though, the lyrics resonate with what happened that day…. It…

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Her Life’s Work

Valaria worked into the night sewing the tiny beads on a gown that would be worn by the future queen. For over 50 years,  her sewing skills were legend throughout the country. “Val!  Come to bed.  The light will be … Continue reading

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The Eight O’clock Passenger

The clickety-clack of the eight o’clock passenger train was an alarm clock which signaled the end of  summertime evenings.   The Pennsylvania track,  just a mile from our house, was easily seen from our backyard.  It’s tiny yellow windows gleamed brightly … Continue reading

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