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The Legend of the Animals

Originally posted on Retired Ruth:
  It seems quite natural that animals play a big part in the Christmas celebration.  After all, Jesus was born in a stable surrounded by animals.  And Santa has those magical reindeer at his beck…

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The Gift Exchange

December 1956. I posted this 5 years ago but it seems like a good time to post it again. This year, when nothing is normal, is a good time for memories. The first grade classroom crackled with excitement.  Small packages … Continue reading

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Smiles and Tears

  At the grocery last week, I glanced up from the piles of food moving slowly toward the bagging area.   The old man was standing by the customer service desk, hunched over with baggy faded overalls.  He shuffled slowly … Continue reading

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Swan Song

I don’t usually read other stories before writing my Friday contribution, but I drew a blank on this picture.  I figured someone would take the Big Bird Idea and run with it and that WAS my first thought.  I have … Continue reading

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A couple of days ago I shared an article from an Ohio teacher, who was concerned about the direction of the educational system.  It’s a hot topic. Test prep and testing takes up the majority of school hours and students and … Continue reading

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Dream or Reality

Aliyia stretched and yawned, puzzled by the stiffness of her body.  She carefully swung her legs out of bed, attempted to stand, and fell with a thud.  Staring at the ceiling, she lifted her head and shook it.  It was so … Continue reading

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Ohio Teacher Will Sue State for Bullying

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Dawn Neely-Randall was taking a class training her to recognize bullying. Suddenly she realized she was the victim of bullying–by the state of Ohio. She plans to sue the state and welcomes others…

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