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I knew it would happen. When I signed up to the challenge of NaBloPoMo, I already anticipated the end of the month payroll and bookkeeping tasks, Thanksgiving, and a visit from the grandchildren.  Throw in all the cleaning, cooking, Christmas … Continue reading

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Perfectly unclear

“This is (name garbled) and could R please call me at (number garbled)?  We have a (garbled) (garbled) break and I need to talk to R right away.”  Click. So is this…. a water main break, an equipment break, are you … Continue reading

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Dressing Up the Angel

Kissing autumn goodbye. I know it’s still officially autumn until the winter solstice arrives, but the weather has finally and suddenly turned colder and snow flurries are in the forecast.  My little cherub sits in my kitchen window and blows … Continue reading


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Hello…. Audience, are you there?

I confessed in my last post that I didn’t always follow the rules of blogging.  I must have hit a nerve with other bloggers because that was my highest viewed post since I began the NaBloPoMo journey. I was totally … Continue reading

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Do you follow the rules?

I’m not a good blogger.  In fact, when I became a blogger I didn’t even know you could be a good one or a not so good one.  I just wanted to get my thoughts in written form before I … Continue reading

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Maybe a Steel-Toed Boot Would be Better.

“Mom, I’m hungry!” “Mom, Connor took my book!” “Mom, I can’t find my homework.” “Mom, can you fix my ponytail!” Mildred sighed.  Where was that good-for-nothing husband, father to all of these children?  She didn’t know what to do.  Last … Continue reading

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Deliver De Letter De Sooner De Better

Send me a postcard, drop me a line, stating point of view, Indicate precisely what you mean to say, Yours sincerely wasting away… Even before I fell in love with the Beatles and their incredible lyrics, I wrote letters.   I … Continue reading

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Last Leg

Originally posted on tenwheelswordpresscom:
The last leg of our journey was the shortest, but in many ways the most stressful. It rained all night and was still downpouring when we got up the next morning. This meant it took longer…

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What the H?

I am reblogging an old post because I can’t keep up with NaBloPoMo!  I tried, I really did.  I think I may have missed a day,too, but I am not even sure at this point.  Anyway, enjoy this post about husbands … Continue reading

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Good Advice

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.   Just a few days ago, I spotted this quote on facebook.  It’s good advice. When I was about six years old, I wanted to learn how to ride a … Continue reading

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