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Bright Light

  Impossible.  Wasn’t it?  Jenna’s heart beat so fast she could feel it in her head. “Mommy!  Can people shrink?  Like until they are teeny tiny and too small to see?” “No, Honey.  Only in the movies.” Jenna went back … Continue reading

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Miguel wandered through the maze of stones searching for the small  purse.   All the money in his world was tied up in a small bag of cloth wound with twine.   Had he been careless?  Had he dropped it … Continue reading

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Money Up Front

What would it look like in a few weeks?  Margie hoped her client was happy with the design she had created for the bathroom remodel. The finest Italian Marble in a subdued pattern would be used throughout the room. Top … Continue reading

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Charm Bracelets, Mothers, and Daughters

Originally posted on Retired Ruth:
“During the 1950′ and 1960’s, the charm bracelet was a must-have accessory for girls.” ….it was the story of your life.  At least for a little while. My bracelet was a Christmas present in 1963.…

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Antique tractors

  Lined up like soldiers, the antique tractors are spit-polished and ready for viewing.  They wear uniforms of bright red, green, and yellow as well as  shades of rust and wear. Name tags read:  Case, Allis, Oliver, Farmall, Ford, and John … Continue reading

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It Soothes the Savage Beast

  Huddled together, a hundred inmates sat cross legged with chains connecting their wrists.  The hot sun scorched the ground and concrete and the men became uneasy, agitated.  Guards with billyclubs and badges reflecting the heat paced around the mob. Suddenly shouting … Continue reading

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