101 Things to Do with Your Husband

A blogger who was recently Freshly Pressed posted 101 things to do with her husband.  She had been married 11 years and was tired of sitting in front of the TV with him.  She and her husband are still madly in love but understandably, she was looking for new ideas to pass their time together.  It was a sweet list and full of great ideas.

Since my husband and I have been married 41 years and we also sit in front of the TV many evenings, I thought I could come up with a more appropriate list for our age group.  Right off the bat, I was able to eliminate 37 of the 101… they were just too physical for old folks who are scheduling knee replacement surgery and back surgery in the next couple of months.

So here are some of her ideas… ………Followed by my adaptations….

1.  Cook together.    Tried that once, didn’t work. 1987 I think.

2.  Match socks together.     My husband has one style and color of sock…. white Dickies.

3.  Plant a garden together.  My husband is a farmer… the last thing he wants to do at the  end of the day is plant a garden.

4.  Play Scrabble.   That might work if there was a large print version with really big letter tiles.

5.  Learn to play a video game on XBOX.    What’s an XBOX?

6.  Recreate your first date.   Might be difficult.  The restaurant we visited has been out of business for about 35 years and the Teen Canteen was torn down in 1970.

7.  Sit and watch your wedding video together.    Didn’t have videos in 1971… we could look at our wedding album and see if there is anyone we recognize.

8. Take a bubble bath together.   Would need a larger tub and a lot of bubbles.

9. Create something for the kids, pillow fort, etc.   I think our kids would just rather we create a portfolio of mutual funds.

10. Find a favorite band playing nearby and listen to music.   Might be hard to find one that still has living members.

11. Couples Massages      Apply Icy Hot to our aching joints… it could lead to more intimate interaction, but ……..probably not.

12. Make family picture albums.    Label old photos we have collected over the years while we can still remember names.

13.  Turn the TV off, hold hands and snuggle.      Turn the TV off, and fall asleep.

I couldn’t really come up with anywhere near 101 ideas.  I guess the enthusiasm of youth has moved on to the complacency of old age.

I guess this topic is always interesting to married couples… check this out


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8 Responses to 101 Things to Do with Your Husband

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  3. Angeline M says:

    We heading into 43 years next month. I like your list. A lot. When my husband falls asleep in front of the TV tonight I might make up a list myself 🙂


  4. I have more on the list, but not sure they are all appropriate! Thanks for relating….


  5. Coming East says:

    Hysterical, and I could totally relate! We’ve been married over forty years, too. Ah, youth…


  6. this was hilarious – at least you didn’t list – “throw him under a train” as a thing to do with your husband – that is what I wanted to do with mine this morning when he could not find his glasses and ransacked the house–I found them just after he left for work by the computer — if I could not find my glasses I would not be able to find my way out the door


  7. souldipper says:

    This had me in stitches…my stomach hurts! I loved the ones that so glaringly reveal the “gap”. Gently Aging People. This was a treat. Many thanks.


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