Left In the Dust….Friday Fictioneer


The workshop was deserted.  Dusty and cobweb-covered,  there was no sign of what had  happened here.  Marie  stepped over the nails and boards left hastily on the floor.  She looked for a sign… anything that could jar her memory, help her remember that moment.  She had only been sixteen.   Now she was thirty; she would be more careful.  With her index finger she carefully wrote his initials in the sawdust.   She imagined hearing the scream of the saw blade cutting through the board.   It stopped, he stepped forward, and kissed her firmly on the lips.  Together they ran toward the setting sun.

Join the Friday Fictioneers.  Write a story of 100 words.  Photo prompts and information at the site below:


12 thoughts on “Left In the Dust….Friday Fictioneer

  1. I was relieved also that it was a happy ending, and the sawblade made me wonder for a short time. But the “more careful” part leaves a question in the reader’s mind about what happened and a good lead-in for a backstory.

  2. Brilliant idea~ write a story of 100 words! I must try to do “zoom in;” perhaps I could join the Friday Fictioneers? I imagine “he” broke her heart, thus the need to be more careful.
    Reflecting! “Love” this short, short story!

  3. i’m thinking maybe what started out as a good thing now isn’t so and why she wants to be more careful…your words describe this scene nicely, Ruth. i like it!

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