Cruisin’ in the 50’s and 60’s

My only brother, Ron,  is five years older than me.

He was crazy about cars. On the farm, boys naturally had to learn how to service tractors, pickup trucks, and various engines. Eventually when he reached driving age, all that information was transferred to cars. In fact when he turned 16 I barely ever saw him again (slight exaggeration). He was always out in the garage working on a car. He had quite a succession of cars over the years. I am sure he wishes he still had most of them.
We were a Chevy family for the most part. You know that little green car in the corner of my blog page? Yep that’s a Chevy.
My brother had ’56 ’57 and a ’58 Chevy at various times.  He used to pick me up after school at band practice in one of his cool cars…. it was good to have an older brother.

57 Chevy

He later got into motorcycles and actually built one from scratch… do you build cycles from scratch? He was gifted when it came to mechanical stuff. I think it all began with that Erector Set he got one year for Christmas.

erector setHe built lots of stuff with that. Later when he grew up, he even had a job using his skills. He serviced tow motors for many years before he retired. He has also passed on his mechanical knowledge to his grandsons by helping them with 4H and FFA projects involving engines.

Someone sent me this video. It reminds me of my brother and those days in the 50’s and 60’s when cars were hot rods and customized.  Music, movies, and lives revolved around the automobile.  The video was designed by Old Blue Web Designs and was used as an ad for Ford.

I hope you enjoy it!


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13 Responses to Cruisin’ in the 50’s and 60’s

  1. Reminds me of my older brother and his “hot rod”…Duck tail hair do…skinny belts …and tight cuffed blue jeans…They were the bomb!… I was 9-10…so I thought it was the “coolest”…


  2. Caddo Veil says:

    At first I thought this was “our” old car–my family had the Ford version of the aqua and white sporty-lookin’ sedan.


  3. lucewriter says:

    You’ve given me the idea to research all the cars we’ve ever had.


  4. Maxi says:

    Oh yeah, I remember these oldie goldies. They were “hot” back in the day.
    Blessings ~ Maxi


  5. marymtf says:

    My brother is over a decade younger than I am and rode a bicycle for the longest time, so I don’t have those sorts of memories, nor have I ever understood about boys and their cars until I saw the video clip. Weren’t those cars just beautiful.


  6. The Beep Beep Song, Tell Laura I Love Her, Route 66 … This was great for all the good music! 🙂 I still love the cars of that era. In the 70’s, my older brother bought a 50’s Ford Truck. What a rattle trap, but we had the best time in that thing. We’d load our friends up in the back, my brother would drive, and we’d egg houses from the bed of that truck. I know, what a horrible thing to do, but that’s what we did back then. It was part of the culture and part of growing up. 😉


  7. I loved my Erector set, although now, as a jaded adult, it just sounds dirty. Love old cars as well – so much style to them, compared to the mono-styled tin cans we drive now.


    • So true… those old cars could survive almost anything! I loved playing with my brother’s Erector Set (I have to admit I had the same jaded thought about that) but I could never follow directions very well. That trait follwed me into adulthood.. don’t ever ask my to assemble anything!


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