Farmin’ Ain’t No Picnic (Part 4)

My brain is pretty well fried for various reasons so I went to my online thesaurus to describe Harvest 2012!  Here goes:

accomplishachieveactualize, bring to fruition,bring to maturity, call it a day, cap, carry off,closeconcludeconsummatecrowndetermine,developdischargedo, do thoroughly, effect,effectuateelaborateendequipexecutefill,finalizefinishfulfillfurnish, get through, go thelimit, go through with, go whole hog, halt, makegood, make upperfectperform, put to bed,realizerefine, round off, round out, settle, sewup, supplementterminateultimate, wind up,wrap up   (Thank you




We finished late Wednesday evening and luckily this year the leftovers lasted just long enough for the last Harvest Meal!  Back to normal cooking for me!There were a few things to wrap up Thursday morning.  Emptying the last 2 truck loads full of corn into the bin, putting the grain drills away, rounding up all the pick up trucks stationed at various fields for transportation.  But we were able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at my son’s home with the peace of mind that the hardest part is over.Today the grain dryer will be torn down, combines cleaned out and prepared for winter storage, dump trucks converted back to stone hauling trucks, augurs cleaned out and put away, and  other smaller jobs that mark the end of the growing season.  Fall plowing has already begun and will continue as weather permits.  It’s always nice to have a head start in the spring getting the fields prepared to plant again.  Still paperwork to complete.  Our soybeans did OK but we will have a crop insurance loss with the corn crop.  Considering the drought and floods (in the same year!)  it wasn’t the worst harvest we have ever had.   (That last sentence is called Farmer Optimism.)

Thanks for following my little Harvest story…. many things to be thankful for at this point.   Thankful for a safe harvest, thankful for family, friends, employees who put in those extra hours when needed, and so many new blog friends from the past few months, thankful for the crops, and thankful for being lucky enough to live in the USA where we have so many freedoms and choices.


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5 Responses to Farmin’ Ain’t No Picnic (Part 4)

  1. So glad you got the harvest in, Ruth. I really can’t fathom the amount of work this takes. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.


  2. Caddo Veil says:

    I LIKE IT!!


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