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Showers of rain bring a reprieve from the hustle of harvest; a mixed blessing. Showers are almost always welcome and at this time of the year, the harvesters are thankful for the rest that it provides after long hours of … Continue reading

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Terminal Trouble

Harvest was in full swing and my farmer husband of two months came in the house and decided it was time for me to help out in the grain hauling capacity. As a farmer’s daughter, I had ridden with my … Continue reading

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After a brief intermission of rain, the combines are back in the corn fields.  Soybean harvest was completed last week.  It’s a relief to have that part done, because weather can wreak havoc on the beans if they are left … Continue reading

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Six Word Saturday

Perfect weather to harvest the crops.

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Misty Monday Morning

Cool Autumn Monday Morning Mist Rises from our Pond. Water Warmer than the  sky. Fog delay for the frogs.

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Picking up Rocks

There have been many articles recently about “helicopter parents”.  Meaning parents that hover a bit too closely to protect their children and in doing so cause them to be fearful and develop into adults that are afraid to take a … Continue reading

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After my mom passed away in 2005,  we were sorting through her things and I found a book that I had given her for Mother’s Day.  It was called “Harvest of Bittersweet” by Pat Leimbach, who was a farm wife … Continue reading

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Farmin’ Ain’t No Picnic (Part 4)

My brain is pretty well fried for various reasons so I went to my online thesaurus to describe Harvest 2012!  Here goes: accomplish, achieve, actualize, bring to fruition,bring to maturity, call it a day, cap, carry off,close, conclude, consummate, crown, determine,develop, discharge, do, do thoroughly, effect,effectuate, elaborate, end, equip, execute, fill,finalize, finish, fulfill, furnish, get through, go thelimit, go through with, go whole hog, halt, makegood, make up, perfect, perform, put to bed,realize, refine, round off, round out, settle, sewup, supplement, terminate, ultimate, wind up,wrap up   (Thank you Thesaurus.com)       We finished late Wednesday evening and luckily this year … Continue reading

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Farmin’ Ain’t No Picnic (part 3)

It’s been exactly 3 weeks since my last “farm” post.  Unfortunately, we have not made a lot of progress in those 3 weeks.  In our little part of Ohio, we received a couple drenching rains that have left the fields … Continue reading

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Farmin’s Ain’t No Picnic….. Part 2

Harvest 2012 is “on hold”, once again, due to Mother Nature’s fickle attitude!   We received over an inch of rain and the fields are wet again.  So we will have a few days to regroup and hope for some … Continue reading

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