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Farmin’ Ain’t No Picnic (Part 4)

My brain is pretty well fried for various reasons so I went to my online thesaurus to describe Harvest 2012!  Here goes: accomplish, achieve, actualize, bring to fruition,bring to maturity, call it a day, cap, carry off,close, conclude, consummate, crown, determine,develop, discharge, do, do thoroughly, effect,effectuate, elaborate, end, equip, execute, fill,finalize, finish, fulfill, furnish, get through, go thelimit, go through with, go whole hog, halt, makegood, make up, perfect, perform, put to bed,realize, refine, round off, round out, settle, sewup, supplement, terminate, ultimate, wind up,wrap up   (Thank you Thesaurus.com)       We finished late Wednesday evening and luckily this year … Continue reading

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Six Word Saturday

Thankful for help                                                   From my friends

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