It figures, I thought.  First date and he brings me to this place.  Karma, I guess.  He asks me the usual questions.  Family, work, leisure, pets?  It all goes well.  He’s a nice guy and says all the right stuff.  My side of the conversation goes pretty well, too.

Then it starts.  The flashback, the hot sauce, the choking,the paramedics.  My mind hopelessly fixates on that awful night when my life started to spin and tumble into something I could no longer recognize.

I don’t even feel the hot tea splash on my legs as I stand up and run out the door.

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photo credit:  Marie Gail Stratford



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Relics

I just couldn’t resist, when I saw the weekly challenge was titled: Relics.  

It was a day of antiquing for me and my friends.  It was hot and by the time we sat down for a moment we decided we felt like “Relics”.  We took turns snapping pictures, but this one turned out perfectly because even the photographer is visible in the window’s reflection!  relics



With thanks to Walt Disney.

With thanks to Walt Disney.

Jiminy Cricket taught me to wish.

I grew up in a practical no-nonsense sort of home.  We dealt with reality and I don’t remember wishing for much.   There was, of course, the blow-out-your-candles wishes and the what-do -you-wish-for Christmas wishes. Other than that wish was not a word I was familiar with.   Until Mr Cricket enlightened me. After that,  I did wish upon stars.  I also understood  that wishes and Jiminy Cricket were just magical things that made life fun.  But they weren’t real.

Now that I am much older, I still have many wishes.  They still seem to be practical.

Here is a list of some of my daily wishes.

I wish the print in the phone book was larger, as well as the printed directions on the back of food packages.

I wish people would use turn signals consistently.

I with the oldies stations were still playing songs from the 60′s.

I wish my grandchildren lived next door.

I wish lids were easier to unscrew, packaged bottled water wasn’t so heavy, things didn’t fall apart so quickly, toilet paper was free,  and my cat could talk.

I wish  my youngest child finds the job of their dreams.

I wish I could go back in time for a few hours whenever I felt like it.

I wish the litter box was self-cleaning.

I wish I had as much energy as I did 20 years ago.

Oh, and, of course,  world peace.

So…. what do you wish for?


The boys slowly  approached the archway.

“You sure this is the right portal?”  asked Jimmy.

“We followed the map;  it’s got to be the right one,” insisted Ben.

Nate didn’t say a word, glancing at the bicycles parked nearby.

Something didn’t seem quite right to him.

Ben urged his buddies to go through.

“We only have a small window of opportunity, and then it’s too late.  What do we have to lose?”

Ben and Jimmy stepped through.

Nate stayed behind.

Fifty years later, Nate stood once again at the portal and sobbed,

“Jimmy!  Ben!  I’m right behind you.”



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This is my entry in the latest Friday Fictioneer prompt, hosted by Rochelle at this link.

Photo copyright:  Jennifer Pendergast

Miles and miles Friday Fictioneer

friday fictioneer


My arms could barely lift the styrofoam cup of hot coffee to my lips.

“Thanks.  This is just what I needed,”  I said to the stranger who just happened to come past on his bicycle with a silver thermos.  “So kind of you to share with me.”

“I just wish I hadn’t finished off the last donut,” he smiled. “How long have you been out here?”

“Um, I’m not really sure… several days, I think.”

He looked surprised.

I remembered seeing pictures of The Great Wall of China.

I wonder if anyone ever had tried to paint it.




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Thanks for an original gift…

You are looking at one of my Mother’s Day gifts.   A new design for my blog!

My youngest daughter, Lindsay, and her partner, Winx (who just happens to be a web designer)  called and asked if I would like an updated look to my blog.   I am so glad I said  “yes!”  because I love the new look.  It is so clean-looking and keeps the retro theme that I want.

Go ahead, roll your mouse over my new logo (designed by Winx)  and see what happens.

And a big thanks and lots of hugs to Lindsay and Winx!


Winx, left and Lindsay, right

Winx, left and Lindsay, right



Four Dead in OHIO

Life in the 50's and beyond...:

On the anniversary of the Kent State shootings…..

Originally posted on Retired Ruth :

Peace Blog #2  for February

Buffalo Springfield had a hit with this song in 1967, which predated the Kent State Shootings.  In my mind, though, the lyrics resonate with what happened that day….

It was a typical spring day on campus.  I was walking back to my dorm after my last class of the day.  I saw groups of people assembling near Williams Hall. They were setting up for some kind of speakers.  It wasn’t anything unusual; there was usually something going on outside on the lawns at BGSU in the springtime.  As I walked past the Student Union getting ready to head to my dorm, a young man ran up to me with a handful of flyers in his hand.  I don’t remember the exact words but it said something like  “Kent State Shootings.   Four students murdered by the Ohio National Guard.  Many others injured”

I took a…

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